New High-level CoV Strike Force

So the Devs put up a contest for the Test server: they give you six days to finish the new level 40+ strike force, as it exists on Test. The reward? If you’re the first group to finish it, they’ll give you year’s subscription for free.
No one won.
Some folks tried it, and the spoileriffic results are here.
Here’s a non-plot-spoiler bit that I liked:

The SF team was [subjected to] a strange cycling phase-shift on each player because of the temporal disruption. We never quite figured out the pattern or timer – people would phase in and out uncontrollably.
The mission objective was simple: Manticore, Sister Psyche, Numina, and Back Alley Brawler were standing on City Hall. Together. Defeat these 4 level 50 Heroes, while your teammates are randomly phasing in and out, and the mission is over.

It looks incredibly hard. It looks incredibly cool. It SOUNDS like the kind of epic smack-down you’d expect for a level-50 TF.


  1. Copy that, blue-leader.
    There is just so much content in CoV that I have yet to see: failing on my first try for the respec trial just made me want to go back for more.
    And this thing?
    Yeah. Daddy likes.

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