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Actual Play snippet: Dungeon World one-shot, Gauntlet Con

I’ve been GMing the same Masks game for over a year. Before that, there was a PBTA-based Star Wars game that ran for over thirty sessions.

This isn’t to establish bona fides – I just want to point out I really like running PBTA stuff – as a game system, the mechanics suit me better than anything else I’ve ever run – and I will happily laugh in the face of anyone who says it can’t handle long-term games.

WITH THAT SAID, I do appreciate a good, tight, one-shot or short-arc game, and I’ve been intrigued to see more of that kind of play using PBTA, because I know a lot of people run their games that way, and I rarely/barely have.

Also, I just don’t get to play as a PLAYER very often (I think the last time was a couple years ago), so that would be nice.

All of those desires came together last night, when I was able to jump into a Dungeon World one-shot at Gauntlet Con, which runs yearly, online, thanks to the Gauntlet community.

Here’s the game introduction:

A structure of softly-glowing stone appeared suddenly upon the sands outside of a small oasis city during a moonless night. From the freshwater springs, it appears to float hazily above the desert like a mirage. While at first people talked about its mysterious arrival and appearance, now they only whisper rumors and hushed secrets out of fear of those dwelling within. Others, bolder, have made pilgrimage to camp beneath the temple, believing it to contain a divine being they call Shil-Muar. What secrets and riches await you within its luminous walls?

The GM also noted he was aiming for “a heavy sword-and-sorcery style; expect bloody gore, weird and potentially unsettling magic, and quite possibly scantily-clad people and creatures of all genders.”

So, I mean… yah gotta do a barbarian, right?

That was where I started, but (after checking in with the group) I drifted things a bit, making my barbarian (Clovis Bonebreaker) a dwarf from kingdom several continents away. His barbaric drives were all about amassing fame, glory, and wealth, which looks SUPER shallow at the outset, but for which I felt had cool reasons.

Why did he seem weird and barbaric? Extensive facial and body tattoos, fastidiously clean (washed up every morning, commented on peoples unpleasant odor, et cetera). Well-spoken, polite, and generally “polished.” The fighter in the group was convinced I’d soon see the foolishness of my own behavior.

Dude… my WIS is a -1 – I’m never going to see the foolishness of my behavior. It’s what got me into this mess in the first… never mind.

One-shot Dungeon World players have developed a very solid method for running VERY LOW prep sessions and getting a super-focused game. Our GM followed that general ideal very well, and continued asking the players questions about their background and world as we went on.

The key bits I need to mention about the game setup, to get to the part I’m most happy about, are these:

  • The divine being Shil-Muar was basically a mix of djinn and quetzalcoatl. A powerful trickster flying snake… thing. Mirages and illusions dominated the themes of the temple.
  • The treasure we were all ostensibly after was the enormous ruby that bound Shil-Muar to this world.
  • Shil-Muar’s immediate servants were mostly snake-like yuan-ti types and “harpy-dactyls” that made getting into the temple pretty perilous. Also mad human cultists, but that’s typical.

The relevant bits of character background I need to mention are:

  • Dwarven society is a RIGID caste system.
  • The tattooing is based on one’s caste and various subsets of role within that caste, and might begin as soon as the age of one. Clovis was covered over most visible areas.
  • Ancestor worship is the one and ONLY deal when it comes to dwarven religion. It confers no supernatural powers.
  • If you leave the homeland, you cannot come back unless you “bear with you fame and wealth commensurate to your position.” To come back empty-handed is to inflict that debt (in the broad sense, both spiritual and monetary) on the homeland, and is never allowed. “Blessed are they whose return is remunerative… etc etc.”
  • The higher your place in society, the greater the debt you must bear if you return.


The evening was a series of misadventures (we all nearly leveled just from the XP we each earned from failed rolls; it was ugly, but glorious).

By the time we staggered into the holiest of holies within the floating temple, our fighter was missing an arm, and we were all well done-in.

NONE of us liked our chances trying to beat up a flying snake deity and taking his stuff.

We had ten minutes left in the game, so the GM gave us time for each of us to lay out our play.

The druid basically went belly up in front of the snake god and shifted into a miniature copy of the god – offering abject servitude, just don’t kill him. He was accepted, but locked in the snake form forever.

The fighter demanded reward for breaching and defeating the temple defenses, and demanded just rewards for what we’d done. He rolled snake-eyes (appropriate!) on this demand, and we jumped right to him rolling Last Breath and negotiating his new role as semi-reincarnated, cringing servant of the deity.

I went a different route.

“Shil-Muar, I have crossed continents to find you. I call on you to cast aside this unworthy, once-yearly worship from sand-scrabbling peasants, and join me. I will take you to a land of wealth – fabulous wealth – power, and prestige; a land where the only opponents you face in the spiritual realm are the powerless, empty bones of the long-dead. You can reign in the temples of my people, unopposed, and to do so you need only ally yourself to me, the crown prince of Tuor Kalvek, as I break my homeland apart and reforge it.”

And I rolled.



Clovis was the crown prince, you see, and had stormed out of the city after yet another argument with his father, only to realize that in order to return with fame and wealth commensurate to his position, he’d literally have to found a kingdom, and then bring the whole bloody thing back with him.

Or… you know… something similar.

I then got to narrate returning to the gates of my city, many months later, clad and cowled in rags, walking alongside an old mule and a creaking horse cart. Clovis is confronted by the guards, and yanks aside the tarpaulin covering Shil-Muar’s ruby. The serpent, wreathed in flames, spirals into the sky over our heads as Clovis strides up to and through the gates behind the fleeing guards.

So, so good.

Actual Play Conventions Musing

Forge Con, the “quick” version

I left my journal/notebook at home today (along with a bunch of otther stuff I should have remembered), which included all my detailed notes on the happenings at ForgeCon Midwest, which I attended this weekend. Without the notes, I’ll just hit a few highlights:

  1. Contrary to my grandiose plans, I didn’t end up playing one ‘new’ game (defined here as ‘something I haven’t played before’, not necessarily ‘hot off the presses’). This was due partly to circumstances (I’d hoped to play Primetime Adventures or Agon, but no one was running it) and partly due to my own choices (since I had several options at times and chose games I was already familiar with over other stuff, for a number of reasons). With all that said, it was still really cool for folks like Ron Edwards to seeks me out and specifically ask me to jump into a session of It Was a Mutual Decision (the story of a romantic break-up, with wererats), even if I didn’t play it. This is also a good thing, since I won’t be coming back from the Con with my hair all blown back and white, proclaiming the next great game we GOTTA play — it reinforced my appreciation of games I already know I really like.
  2. So what did I play?
    • The Mountain Witch (GMd it) — this was during the first gaming slot, which got slarted late in general, and ended up being more of a two-hour demo of the rules than a full-on-and-proper session. That said, we had three ronin with some great abilities and neat backstory, a nice negotiation with my favorite tMW NPC, Uncle Tengu; a fight with some zombie soldiers in my favorite tMW ‘set’, the Black Meadow; an encounter with the Witch’s Mistress, and ended with a duel between a ronin with a sword, and a ronin with a rock. The one with the rock won. it wasn’t even close.
    • Heroquest (played) — this was a lot of fun for me, since I was playing with Mike Holmes, who essentially taught me how to run this game via his long-running ‘live’ IRC-chat-based game that is now into it’s third season, third in-game decade, and fourth year of play. We did a six-person horror-themed one shot in a traditional Glorantha village, and verily it was cool. I enjoy failing in that system as much as I do winning in other games, and spent a lot of time working out ‘bonus’ abilities like “bum hip” for my grouchy old sherrif. Tons o’ fun.
    • The Shadow of Yesterday: Brokedown Castle (GMd, with some actual prep) — this game took place in the evening and actually had a nice turnout, though pretty much no one who played were the people who’d voiced interest in playing prior to the con. Heroquest-Mike turned around and became the player for this session and proceeded to hand me a great NPC in the form of his Goblin translator named Glarb. Has Margie can attest, I have a lot of fun mangling the translation of things from player to the next, and Glarb became a plot-turning pivot on which several scenes hinged. Result: Lots of fun, lots of laughs, a good Bringing Down the Pain contest between the (PC) albino ratkin sorcerer and the (NPC) arcanely schooled nobleman. To contrast that, I should have prepped a stronger situation going in — I went in with some very sketchy NPCs with some leading bits of information about each of them, and asked the players to plug into that relationship map — that worked, and the stuff they came up with did (as I’d planned for) create a whole-cloth conspiracy out of the scraps I’d brought to the table, but just a leeeeetle more momentum from the NPCs would have helped things move a skosh more briskly.
    • Galactic
    • (Played — playtest) — Matt Wilson was down for the con and, once rested, wanted to try out his new version of Galactic. I GMd a playtest group for the game already, and REALLY wanted to see what he’d been doing with the game, so I jumped at the chance. This lead to some really great design talk with Paul Czege (creator of My Life with Master), Eric Finley, and Matt, and I think we really sanded down the last few ragged edges on that thing. Result: this is a tight, tight game. As good as the clunky draft of the game was, this is SO MUCH BETTER. Tighter. Cleaner. More focused. Gone or replaced are many of fiddley bits, leaving one system with a really unified, elegant feel. It’s not genius yet, but it’s totally fun and playable right now, and it’s going to get better — it cant not at this point, I think. Matt still hasn’t had a chance to playtest the system all the way through a whole ‘arc’ and into the end game. I pointed out that my play group is all ABOUT longer-form play and getting to the end game, and told him to get me the damn rules already. There was a lot of nodding.

  3. I should have brought Nine Worlds. My roomate Iskander/Alexander is very much in love with this system, which I’ve owned for awhile and haven’t read, and talked about a couple sessions they’ve played that seems to bring out a great kind of Nobilis-Lost-500 feeling that’s a lot of fun. Must go back and read that thing.

And that was about it. Lots and lots of visiting, and talking about gaming and games and stuff we liked and what we didn’t, about the direction the indie scene is going, and the fact that people in the indie scene don’t use editors, and really really should… and good things like that.
If nothing else, the con let me meet some people I should have met ages ago (Jae, Matt, Mike, Ron, Aaron, Eric, Blankshield… just off the top of my head), meet some folks I really enjoyed and have only recently become aware of through the forums (Clyde, Keith, Thor) and really get a sense of the people behind the UserIDs. Great stuff.
Also, there was a lot of talking about Space Hulk and Warhammer — that’s always good. 🙂
And I’m now totally okay with not liking Capes. Or Shock:. I know I’m not alone, and I know my reasons are much like the reasons that other people have — people with whom I share many other gaming preferences. It’s not this thing that i don’t get — it’s this thing that just isn’t for me, for a number of reasons both artistically, enjoymentally (a new word) and just plain TECHNICALLY.
Like any of these sorts of things — it was a lot of time spent with folks who enjoy the same fun you do, talking, playing, and just enjoying being a part of a really grand hobby.
That’s a good thing. 🙂



So a couple weeks ago, Alexander the Hoax (long story) talked me into going to the Forge Midwest gaming convention. That’s good.
The scheduling of games for the convention, which usually numbers about fifty people, is REALLY informal. Totally. There’s a thread on the Forge forum where people say what they want to play, and what they want to GM, and a list of the time slots, and the con organizer (wisely) just lets everyone find similarly interested folks and sort out what they’re playing and who they’re playing with, in the thread.
So I post to the thread and list off all those neat games that I have that I haven’t had a chance to play yet, and then I list a couple of the games I think I’d be willing to GM — Sorcerer, Mountain WItch, Mortal Coil, Dogs in the Vineyard, and Shadow of Yesterday.
The next guy who posts says he’d be willing to run Agon (yay!) and would be really interested in a Shadow of Yesterday game.
Okay… I wasn’t expecting that, as it was basically an afterthought on my list, but cool. I mean… yeah, it’s cool. I’ve never REALLY had a group fire on all cylinders with that system, yet (largely because we can’t seem to SCHEDULE GAME SESSIONS), but I’m sure it’ll come together, and hey, that’s just one guy? Maybe no one else will be interested in that.
The next guy posts that he’d like to play TSoY.
Then there’s a few other posts…
Then another guy says he’d like to play TSoY…
So I jump on the thread and say “Hey, this is cool, we’ve got three people interested in Shadow of Yesterday. Awesome. What time slot? Also, I’ll take one, maybe two more interested people — any takers?”
The very next post says “Doyce, I’d like to play in that TSOY game with you guys.”
The post author? Clinton R. Nixon.
The guy that WROTE THE GAME.

I’m not panicking. I’m not. I swear.


A look at the new Conan collection

While at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, I had a chance to chat with the folks at the Del Rey booth. One of the publishers let me take a peek (and pictures) of the advance proof of the Bloody Crown of Conan collection, including some of the interior art and the mock-up for the cover.
The fellow I spoke with is in charge of production for the book and is making a serious effort to drum up support for it’s release (hence his willingness to get pictures of the book out there) — he’s quite a fan himself and said that what he’d really like to see is everyone buying the book the week that it comes out, thus putting Robert E. Howard into the NYT Bestseller list “where he should be”.

Conventions Diceless Links & Resources

Diceless con game

Something I’ve mentioned before: someone who took Nobilis and the League of Extradinary Gentlemen comic and came up with Convention game.
Nobilis: The League of Extraordinary Americans

Conventions Scheduling

My weekend

Pulp Adventures all weekend:
The Tear of Ra – Saturday Morning, 9am
Keith Tatroe, Jennifer Tatroe, Jim Carsten, Chris Sneary [GM Doyce Testerman]
An Evening at the Blue Note – Saturday Morning, 9am
Dwight Reifsnyder, Dan Reifsnyder, Loren Meaux, Troy Latta, [GM Matt Parker]
Gliriform – Saturday Afternoon, 1:30pm
Matt Parker, Troy Latta, Jennifer Tatroe, Lori Hershfeldt, David Geissinger
[GM Doyce Testerman]
The Fiendish Plot of Doctor Malefaktus – Saturday Afternoon, 1:30pm
Dwight Reifsnyder, Dan Reifsnyder, Keith Tatroe, Jim Carsten, [GM James
Gliriform – Saturday Night, 6:30pm
Dwight Reifsnyder, Dan Reifsnyder, Keith Tatroe, Jim Carsten, Ken Rehor,
[GM Doyce Testerman]
Gliriform – Sunday Morning, 9am
James Stepanek, Loren Meaux, Chris Sneary, Scott Gaeta, [GM Doyce Testerman]
An Evening at the Blue Note – Sunday Afternoon, 1:30pm
Scott Gaeta, Randy Trimmer, Casey McGirt, [GM Doyce Testerman]
Doyce keels over – Sunday Evening, 6:30pm
[GM Doyce Testerman]


Pulpy Goodness

Our Next Pulp Gameday will be at Collectormania on May 31st and June 1st. We will be running all of our current modules, scheduled to match the needs of as many registrants as possible. Register here.


Genghis 2003

Via Rey:
So, for all those wondering “where is that sexy hunk of man that goes by the name of Rey?”….
Email me here.
For those wondering where “that other guest writer is?”: I’ve been at Genghis Con, Denver’s largest gaming convention in Colorado.
Man, am I wiped out.
Nevertheless, here are some six word reviews.
Living Greyhawk: Almost died way too many times.
Living Force: Man, do they need new writers.
Serial Pulp Adventures: Serial Pulp kicks a$$! For shizzi…
Being RPG Coordinator at Tacticon: What the hell was I thinking?
As a warm-up before my stint as RPG Coordinator for Tacticon, I did (just about) all the RPG mustering, lots of packet scoring and a variety of other jobs, while still playing and judging.
As I said, wiped out.
The convention was quite a bit of fun, as always, though the experience was slightly diminished with the main group of people I hang out with at these things in another country. Which means I got to hang out with some other people. I’ve now confirmed some things I already knew:
1. Rules lawyers interrupting games suck.
2. A good judge can make a bad scenario good.
3. A bad judge can’t help but make a scenario bad.
4. Some times, the only way to get people what they want is to be an a$$hole.
5. I will never play in another Greyhawk interactive. I may help run them, but I really have no desire to play in another one.
6. I really love my wife and son.
Anyhow, I now have to prepare for the mayoral campaign of my Greyhawk character. I have so much RPG-related work to do, it’s silly.


A scotsman, a reformed thief, a gay half-orc, halfling wizard, and two fearless warriors walk into a bar…

Rey is organizing events for the October Rebellion convention here in Denver, which is running ‘living’ games exclusively. For those not familiar with the RPGA, let me explain that living campaigns are basically like home campaigns (gain exp and gear, advance your character) except you’ve got 15000 people playing in the same setting (maximum of six to a table, please).
Most of the campaigns are good ones, and thus the judges (GMs) also like to play, so in order to get judges willing to GM tables for most living campaigns, you have to first organize “Slot Zero’s” for the judges (so named because they come before the First Slot of the convention). Judges play their own characters at the Slot Zeros, which lets them actually gain experience points and gee gaws for their characters as well as familiarizing them with the module in a way that a simple read-through rarely can. It’s a pretty good system (provided you can find someone willing to GM for the judges) and generally, when you sit down with a table full of people who are willing and able to GM for a group of strangers on a regular basis, you’ve a table full of good role-players.
Last night (Living Greyhawk) was no exception (although with the guys we had playing, we had more joking going on than actual hard-core roleplay, but still), and I had a great time, plus, this module’s a two-parter so we’re wrapping it up tonight with the same group. Good stuff.
Next week on Tuesday/Wednesday we’re Slot 0-ing the Living Force stuff (Star wars), then the week after that is more Living Greyhawk and some other fantasy thing I still need to create a character for (a much darker, intrigue-oriented thing).
Yeah, I’m playing a lot of games right now. I know. I plan to do something about it, then I think “wow, this would be a really cool campaign to run”. There just isn’t enough room in the week for everything I want to do, plus writing, plus working on the house and doing family stuff. I expect that there will be some changes pretty soon, since the current schedule has held together for about six months (or more) with no major changes… some players are getting new jobs, etc., and frankly there’s some stuff I’d like to wrap up to make room for other things.
Plus, hey, it’s coming up on the start of new seasons for my shows. That’s going to have an impact, I’m sorry. 🙂


And I don’t even like Tacticon

An all-weekend gaming convention does not take up the whole weekend; it takes up the whole month.
Between getting modules from the con admin, running (or playing) “Slot 0’s” to prep the other GM’s that haven’t played the scenarios which you have, prepping player handouts and other tidbits to make your tables “special”…
Denver has four of these mama-jama’s going over the course of the year. Tacticon is this coming weekend. I’ll be glad when it’s wrapped up.


Enough Talk, Time for Action!

Well, Living Pulp is in the schedule for Tacticon, now we just have to figure out if we’re going to run my next module, Rey’s, or David Stroh’s. That’s a good problem to have.
I’m psyched.


Weekend plans

This Sunday, I’m coordinating my 2nd Gameday at Collectormania (which I’d provide a link to if I knew it).
The first gameday was easy — very short notice, so not too many people showed up, and all I needed was to run the same scenario twice myself and go home. Piece of cake.
People had lots of warning this time. A good thing — lots of participation.
3 or 4 tables for each time slot (depending on if any more people show up), which means more judges than just myself (I’m good, but not that good, people), which means organizing a “Slot 0” so the judges can play the module ahead of time and get a chance to get acquainted with it, which means finding someone to ‘eat’ the module (never get to play it)…
Much bigger deal.
Big thanks to Dave and Lori, who agreed to Slot 0 and be on call to run events. HUGE thanks to Jackie, who has never GM’d before, and not only ran the scenarios, but ran them with very little prep time, did a GREAT job, and then offered to cover any overflow at the game day.
[I think she just wants a chance to kill one of Bruce’s character’s, though — keeps muttering something about “payback” and “motherfucker”.]
So it should be a big Sunday. Friday is the Star Wars home game, which Lori is joining, and Saturday is (maybe) the beginning of Randy’s Amber game.
Another weekend full of gaming. Whee. This is why we never get laundry done.


Ghengis Con

Ghenghis Con was very cool for me last year, because it was my first real experience stepping back into mainstream gaming, something I hadn’t been a part of since starting the on campus gaming org in college that introduced me to most of my friends.
Last year was a new experience for a lot of people — d20 was starting to catch on seriously, and Living Greyhawk was just really getting rolling (having only really run at one or two major cons prior to that point), and I had a great time. I didn’t GM, either — I just played.
This year was better. Jackie came with, we played all the Living Greyhawk stuff together, we had a great time with a lot of our favorite people to game with, I introduced my wife to a few people I knew that she didn’t, and I didn’t have to GM this time either.
The best part was that I really didn’t think we’d be able to go this year at all, and instead we got to play almost everything I was interested in playing. Very cool.
So, heydy ho to all those folks out there I saw, and all the ones I missed, and hope to run into you again soon.


Mucho Gaming

We went to WiCoU this weekend. ALL of us, for once. Jackie enjoyed herself a great deal with the GM’s she had, and we got to play at the same tables, AS PLAYERS, all day — it was great.
Justin played a double slot at an all-kids table and had a great time, then got to play a couple hours of Diablo while we gamed. He even won his table for the RPGA votes, which is cool.
Still… it was… sheesh, something like 15 hours of straight DnD — that’s a lot of math. Jack and I both advanced our personal character projects and fought the good fight. No one got killed. Lots of fun.
Must go sleep now.

Conventions Scheduling

This week

No games this weekend. Next weekend is WiCoU, which I plan to be playing in, not running. Good for me. Getting the registrations done this weekend.
Also need to get my Ghenghis registration worked out, because Rey needs a couple Amber game slots on the board. Need to find out when my openings are.


Rock Star (like Meatloaf)

You know that maxim that the camera adds 10 pounds?
Well apparently the internet turns you into an emaciated bookworm (at least if you let it). Curious about my logic? Read on.
So I went to AmberCon Northwest this year. This was going to be a big deal in the way of meeting people, since many of the folks involved were folks with whom I have been conversing via email, off an on, for years – literally. I believe it would have been somewhere around mid-95 when I joined the Amber mailing list (back BEFORE it was
Bolthy, Epoch, Chris, Kristen, Simone, and of course local folks like Meera and Kingsley — like most geeks, I’ve actually met people in real life whom I’ve met first on the internet, but those were all one-on-one situations — this would be the first time I was meeting a large population of My Personal Internet ™.
The concensus. I’m a lot bigger guy than… everyone… expected. Some people found this really startling. It was starting to give me a complex.
If, like Jon said, I’m a rock star, it appears I’m someone like Elvis in the later years.

Conventions Diceless


I haven’t put an entry in here for so long that MT has removed all my other entries — too old. So here’s the Halloween update.
I’m leaving for Portland tomorrow for Amber Con North West (ACNW). The con runs 3.5 days, and while I participate in a con or gameday almost every month, this will be my first AmberCon. I’m fairly excited.
Jackie has been wondering why I haven’t been more psyched. Here’s a few reasons why most people might get excited and why I’m not.
– I’m going to be staying with Jon. This should be fun. Should. I haven’t seen Jon in 5 years, however, so who knows. Maybe it’ll be awkward as hell. On the right hand, I’m really glad not to be shelling out another couple hundred bucks on a hotel room, on the left, I sort of feel as though I’m missing out on some of the ambiance of the con by not rooming where everyone else is. The coordinator is local to Portland, and even she is staying out there.
– I’m going to be going to Con. Big Deal. I go to Cons all the time. I GM weekly, and when I’m not running something, I’m thinking about running something, so I don’t fit the profile for the typical Amber Gamer — most of these guys are not in regular games, and this con is one of thier big chances to hang out with people who share thier interests, and like the same game they do — ADRPG is a fringe community within a Fringe community, as such… not a big following. In Denver, with the active RPGA membership, Cons are monthy, normal, dare-I-say boring events. At least boring in the fact that they are happening. So I’m not psyched just because of the con.
– Meeting new people. That’s great, unless I don’t gel with the group of people out there. Might happen, might not. I’m not short of friends, and unlike some, I don’t think that adding to the list is something one needs to work on day in and day out for your whole likfe. I’m comfortable with my current list of friends, and I’m not counting on AmberCon to help me out in this regard.
– Get to Travel. BFD. I do that all the time. It’s not exciting, it’s just work. Ditto staying in a strange bed, eating strange food, in a strange town — all these are things that I associate with work, not play.
All that said, I am excited as much as possible, and I’m sure I’ll be even more psyched once I get there and start meeting people and playing. Here’s my schedule:
Arrive Portland, 2:40pm PCT, Thursday.
Reception — Thursday, 5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Slot 1 — Thursday, 7 p.m. – midnight (Castle of Crossed Destinies)
Slot 2 — Friday, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Christmas in Amber)
Slot 3 — Friday, 2 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (All Cats Are Kings (Meera is using Swift to run this!))
Slot 4 — Friday, 8 p.m. – midnight (A Comfy Nights Stay at the Happy Crossroads Inn)
Saturday: nothing going on until…
Slot 6 — Saturday, 7 p.m. – midnight (Skeletons in the Closet)
Slot 7 — Sunday, 10 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (eXcessive Force: The Tentacle Files — this is supposed to end at around 2pm instead — I need to make a character up for this one, still)
Depart Portland, 6:30am (!!) PCT, Monday
These are the times when Jackie is glad to have the 85 lbs. Great Dane/Lab roaming the house. I’ve seen him pick out intruders… it’s imposing.
The main slot on Saturday was going to be where I would run a game, but I signed up late, so I didn’t get enough people signed up, so I’m open. There’s a guy I know in Portland who wanted to get together for lunch, but other than that, I’ve got nothing going on (other than needing to write some stuff for NaNoWriMo.)
The Sunday slot usually breaks up and ends up dissolving into a socialization event at the Inn’s bar — I’m down with that, since my flight doesn’t leave til the next day.



This weekend is fraught with gamer peril. I’m taking part in a local con, playing Living Greyhawk on Friday night, GMing Living Force all day Saturday, and playing a 2-part Living Greyhawk on Sunday.
I am, oddly, not all the psyched about it. I’m tired of going to these things alone. I really just want my wife to come and participate with me, at least as much as she can (she still has homework to do), but the slots are all booked up, and there’s just no way to get her in unless I create a slot by not playing myself, which defeats the purpose.
The real gizzard-kicker: she WANTS to go, and believes she’ll have time — I didn’t know, so I didn’t make the appropriate reservations, and now I’m out in the cold. Rather, she is. We both are. Sucks.

Conventions Diceless


I just found my free round-trip flight voucher that expires at the end of the year, and tonight is the last official deadline day to register for AmberCon Northwest.
I need to rattle Simone’s cage and see if there’s still room.