Actual Play snippet: Dungeon World one-shot, Gauntlet Con

I’ve been GMing the same Masks game for over a year. Before that, there was a PBTA-based Star Wars game that ran for over thirty sessions. This isn’t to establish bona fides – I just want to point out I really like running PBTA stuff – as a game system, the mechanics suit me better […]


So a couple weeks ago, Alexander the Hoax (long story) talked me into going to the Forge Midwest gaming convention. That’s good. The scheduling of games for the convention, which usually numbers about fifty people, is REALLY informal. Totally. There’s a thread on the Forge forum where people say what they want to play, and […]

A look at the new Conan collection

While at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, I had a chance to chat with the folks at the Del Rey booth. One of the publishers let me take a peek (and pictures) of the advance proof of the Bloody Crown of Conan collection, including some of the interior art and the mock-up for the […]

My weekend

Pulp Adventures all weekend: The Tear of Ra – Saturday Morning, 9am Keith Tatroe, Jennifer Tatroe, Jim Carsten, Chris Sneary [GM Doyce Testerman] An Evening at the Blue Note – Saturday Morning, 9am Dwight Reifsnyder, Dan Reifsnyder, Loren Meaux, Troy Latta, [GM Matt Parker] Gliriform – Saturday Afternoon, 1:30pm Matt Parker, Troy Latta, Jennifer Tatroe, […]

Pulpy Goodness

Our Next Pulp Gameday will be at Collectormania on May 31st and June 1st. We will be running all of our current modules, scheduled to match the needs of as many registrants as possible. Register here.

Genghis 2003

Via Rey: So, for all those wondering “where is that sexy hunk of man that goes by the name of Rey?”…. Email me here. For those wondering where “that other guest writer is?”: I’ve been at Genghis Con, Denver’s largest gaming convention in Colorado. Man, am I wiped out. Nevertheless, here are some six word […]

A scotsman, a reformed thief, a gay half-orc, halfling wizard, and two fearless warriors walk into a bar…

Rey is organizing events for the October Rebellion convention here in Denver, which is running ‘living’ games exclusively. For those not familiar with the RPGA, let me explain that living campaigns are basically like home campaigns (gain exp and gear, advance your character) except you’ve got 15000 people playing in the same setting (maximum of […]

Weekend plans

This Sunday, I’m coordinating my 2nd Gameday at Collectormania (which I’d provide a link to if I knew it). The first gameday was easy — very short notice, so not too many people showed up, and all I needed was to run the same scenario twice myself and go home. Piece of cake. People had […]

Ghengis Con

Ghenghis Con was very cool for me last year, because it was my first real experience stepping back into mainstream gaming, something I hadn’t been a part of since starting the on campus gaming org in college that introduced me to most of my friends. Last year was a new experience for a lot of […]

Mucho Gaming

We went to WiCoU this weekend. ALL of us, for once. Jackie enjoyed herself a great deal with the GM’s she had, and we got to play at the same tables, AS PLAYERS, all day — it was great. Justin played a double slot at an all-kids table and had a great time, then got […]

This week

No games this weekend. Next weekend is WiCoU, which I plan to be playing in, not running. Good for me. Getting the registrations done this weekend. Also need to get my Ghenghis registration worked out, because Rey needs a couple Amber game slots on the board. Need to find out when my openings are.

Rock Star (like Meatloaf)

You know that maxim that the camera adds 10 pounds? Well apparently the internet turns you into an emaciated bookworm (at least if you let it). Curious about my logic? Read on. So I went to AmberCon Northwest this year. This was going to be a big deal in the way of meeting people, since […]


I haven’t put an entry in here for so long that MT has removed all my other entries — too old. So here’s the Halloween update. I’m leaving for Portland tomorrow for Amber Con North West (ACNW). The con runs 3.5 days, and while I participate in a con or gameday almost every month, this […]


This weekend is fraught with gamer peril. I’m taking part in a local con, playing Living Greyhawk on Friday night, GMing Living Force all day Saturday, and playing a 2-part Living Greyhawk on Sunday. I am, oddly, not all the psyched about it. I’m tired of going to these things alone. I really just want […]


I just found my free round-trip flight voucher that expires at the end of the year, and tonight is the last official deadline day to register for AmberCon Northwest. Hmmm… I need to rattle Simone’s cage and see if there’s still room.