Dragonlance Animated Movie: first one released in a few days.

Holy crap. Holy CRAP.
Okay, the animation isn’t great, but the voices are pretty good. Why am I so excited?
Here’s the story with Dragonlance. Basically, a group of DnD players back in the days of ADnD, working at TSR, ran a campaign. The two authors who were writing the books basically statted out the characters from their story and everyone divvied them up. A huge amount of stuff that happened in that game made it into the story, but as importantly, the idea of the story superseding the basic DnD practices of “kill it and take their stuff” infused the campaign.
It didn’t hurt that the books are actually pretty good.
When the books were released, TSR also released a series of campaign modules designed to let anyone play those characters through, essentially, the story of the books, with some extra stuff that you only see alluded to in the books. It was something like 14 modules, I think — an epic, epic kind of story. Huge.
But more importantly, a lot of the players in my group (this was back in high school) read the books and were really jazzed about the characters and the story. They saw what the characters were doing, they saw what happened to them, and what kind of choices they made — more realistic, less ‘loot it!’ And that informed their play.
In short, that was the first game I ran where people weren’t so much playing a group, tabletop version of Gauntlet, and started roleplaying.
The story was a horrible, horrible railroad from one end to the other, I’m sure — no way it could be otherwise, really, when you’re trying to follow the basic storyline of a book — but it was a golden, special time in my memory, and I preordered the movie this morning.

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  1. Wow.
    I read the first trilogy. And the second. And though it’s been a while since I read them, I refuse to cull them from the collection.
    That said — that looks … really awful. Two voice artists cited (and, honestly, I’m not a big fan of bringing in “TV/movie stars” for voice artist), and some animation that would look right at home with (I hate to say it) the “Dungeons & Dragons” cartoon. Which, actually, rocked, but you get my drift.
    I’ll list this as a “borrow” DVD.

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