To my gamer-homies that don’t live within 10 minutes of me…

415610_sk_lg.jpg I’m seriously thinking about this camera (thirty bucks, so… less than a tank of gas), plus Skype (free), for in-home video conferencing.
It’ll be more and more useful as Kaylee gets older and I need some remote face-time, but for gaming? Yeah, I’m seriously thinking about this. Maybe just as a test run if enough people are interested enough to shell out for the camera.
Why? Mostly so I can play with more people without everyone bankrupting themselves for the gas money. ūüėõ


  1. I’ve been playing a little with this idea, and the problem we’ve been having is that the sound quality for everyone and being able to “get in” a move during various face-to-face excitement isn’t happening. Strict “everyone gets a turn” rules help, but part of the session being the witty one-liners and “pounced on” opportunities made it feel pretty artificial.

  2. We used to regularly game with someone who lived around 400 miles away, but who was willing to dial up and sit on a crappy speaker phone in order to participate. It’s an interesting idea, though, and the visual component will greatly help. How it impacts the flurry of bon mots usually slung about remains to be seen.

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