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Haven’t updated in a week or so with anything, so here’s just a few thoughts and updates.
Generally, I didn’t do much of any gaming in November, due to NaNoWriMo.
WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King is out. I haven’t gotten the update yet and haven’t been on the game since very very early November. It all sounds cool, but honestly I’m not really itching to play at the moment.
Ditto Warhammer online which, while a ton of fun and an all around excellent game, just isn’t grabbing me — I suppose that might be a simple function of not knowing anyone in the game, really. I botched a free server transfer to a more populated server and managed to send my main character to a different server than all my other characters. Haven’t really felt like playing since then. ūüėõ
LOTRO, conversely, has really been scratching an itch for me. The new Mines of Moria expansion is doing a fantastic job expanding the lore presented in the second half of the Fellowship of the Ring, the art is fantastic, the new classes are a ton of fun, the OLD classes are really entertaining me right now. My current favorite new addition? A series of about… I’m going to say 10 new instances that are (a) designed to be run with no more than 3 players (and which can be run with two if they have certain abilities) (b) each take no more than 30 to 45 minutes to run and (c) reward you with some really good stuff that benefit all the players. So… yeah. All my online game time has been focused on LotRO right now.
As I said, no gaming in November and none in December either — this is pretty much par for the course during the holidays, but I’m getting a little stir-crazy without some dice to roll.
In January, I’m starting up a (very) small group on Wednesday nights to play a bunch of Indie games. We’re going to play every other week, and will be starting with Dogs in the Vineyard, then maybe Galactic or IAWA or Dead of Night – once we have a little trust and familiarity built up, I’ll trot out something like Bliss Stage or My Life with Master.
Very very jazzed about this.

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  1. Your new tabletop group sounds like one that we managed to form a little over a year ago– experimental, biweekly, etc. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

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