Tanking Vows (So You Want to Tank, Part 3)

So we’ve got to part where we decide if we’re going to cowboy up and do this tanking thing.

Below are the tanking vows, all of which we’ve already talked about.

We never really say them to anyone out loud, and no one really knows about them.

Except us.

I, the Tank:

  1. Will, before all other things, get myself and my shield between you and the bad guys.
  2. Will, once interposed, turn the enemy so that they face entirely away from my fellowship, thus protecting my friends from Area Attacks, and allowing my friends to freely smite the baddies.
  3. Will normally be the first to pull, but will not be too stubborn to use crowd control.
  4. Will learn how to use corners to lure in ranged enemies, to allow for a Good and Proper Mugging.
  5. Will (as much as possible) stand still (once the battle ground is established), so the melee can tear it up.
  6. Will make sure that I and my fellow melee friends are placed so that the healers can Do Their Thing, and will move myself, the enemy, and my melee friends out of the Burning Stuff On The Floor, knowing that these needs must overrule the whole Standing Still thing.
  7. Will watch the enemy, my melee friends, my ranged friends, my healers, and the area behind me, so that we don’t get surprised by Something Bad.
  8. Will remember that my job is to hold aggro and survive.
  9. Will learn the capabilities of the enemy, who are legion.
  10. Will remember that I am merely one member of a team, and that we all contribute to our success.
  11. Will know (privately) that if we succeed, it’s because the DPS and healers were excellent… and if someone dies, it was my fault.
  12. Will never bitch about repair bills, because I picked this class, and I can always reroll if it gets too hard, diddums.
  13. Will remember that I can’t learn all this at once — being a tank means getting knocked down seven times and standing up eight — I will keep trying til I get it.

I am the wall.

Okay, that came across as super serious, and it really isn’t — whatever the situation or the class or the MMO, this is a game.

Put crudely: If this tanking shit ain’t fun, don’t do it.

But if it is?

Welcome to the party. 🙂