Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn

So I'm thinking about Area of Effect attacks in Fate, and came up with a stunt for same. 

AoE Junkie. +2 to any Magical attack action where you split your final total between multiple targets.

The basic idea is a Stunt that makes attacking a few people at once a decent option, while still resulting in attacks that are weaker, on a target-by-target basis, than a single-target version would have been. Thoughts?

[I reallly want to add follow-up "Lina Inverse" stunt that gives an additional if you target allies as well as enemies, indiscriminately. :)]

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  1. I'd change it to "+2 when you attack multiple targets." That way, it also works when going after mooks, whom you don't split your attack roll against.

    Other than that, it's a very good, very solid stunt!

  2. Yeah, that's very much along the lines I've been thinking of for stunts that do area effects. Since the rules already support the "split your attack" idea, having a bonus only when you're splitting (tho I like Christopher's idea if you're running a game with mook rules) is very tidy. You could potentially look at a "super stunt" version that gives you a +1 per additional target, up to a given max limit (4?).

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