Masks Campaign Material – Super-YouTubers

We've had two play sessions of our Masks campaign so far.

The game opened with an excruciating interview between the team and morning show host Tasha Starr (of The Morning Starr), in which she asks them about the team, themselves, and the fight against Hannibal Lectric that brought them all together.

Things got complicated when Iconoclast (and, later, a superthug named Troll) interrupted the interview.

The storm of social media surrounding the interview is still going (as is the fight itself), but that hasn't stopped one fan from posting her thoughts.

In the wake of the interrupted interview between our team and morning show host Tasha Starr, super-tweeter "My Little Power Ranger" (@heroesaremagic) hops on YouTube to share her thoughts on what went down – was it fake? A publicity stunt?

Or was it something else?


  1. And in case her voice synthesizer is hard to understand, here's the basic script:

    Hi guys, it's My Little Power Ranger, doing a kind of… emergency vodcast, I guess.

    I was live-tweeting the Morning Starr interview with Jason Quill and Link and Mercury and Concord, but once things went crazy and the action moved away from the Starr studios, it got too hard to track and tweet at the same time.

    Also the responses on Twitter got toxic like… super-fast and I had too much to say, so I figured I'd get my thoughts up here and let you respond in the comments!

    So… What. Just. Happened?!?

    That was the craziest interview-turned-super-brawl we've seen this year, which is saying something because just the Morning Starr has had like… what is it? FIVE of them?

    People are going crazy on Twitter. Link is mysterious. Ghost Girl is terrifying. Concord is adorable. Mercury is too hot. Mercury is too slow. It's stupid.

    Now, I'll be the first to admit something is off with what went down. Someone is definitely trying to mess with us, but I don't think it's the Quill Foundation or something.

    "These are not the evil corporate overlords you're looking for."

    I'm trying not to fangirl here, but the thing is the guys we saw in the interview looked like the real thing; they looked like they were scrambling.

    Scrambling in a good way, I mean! They didn't know what was about to happen, they didn't know what was coming – except for Mercury and Jason Quill, they weren't even really ready for the interview part, let alone Iconoclast showing up.

    And as for someone paying Iconoclast to take a dive, come on! Five SECONDS on Google would tell you that is never. going. to happen. She hates every super equally. NO WAY does she fake a fight to make any of them look good.

    And Troll is too much of an asshole to do anything like that either.

    This was the real deal.

    And the best part is, people are either arguing they're fake or already trying to get them to fit in some pigeonhole: They're the newest Junior HHS, or the Teen Triumph, or a Regulators reboot.

    But I don't think any of them got it right.

    I think this is something new.

    Teen Vogue's cover piece this month was about icons, and looking at what we saw this morning, I keep thinking about that article.

    "Icons make a space for themselves in a world that tells them that the space doesn't exist."

    That's the pullquote on the front cover.

    So if you messaged me on Twitter asking what I thought, that's it; I don't think they're a scam, I don't think there kiss-ass copies of the Silver Agers, I don't think there are a bunch of super-powered detention room escapees.

    Icons. I think they're new icons.

    Someone for US.

    Someone LIKE us.

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