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First proper session of the Pandemic Legacy campaign

Got together on Thursday night with Kim, Tim, and Kate after a long hiatus following our ‘prep session.’ We managed to squeak out a victory for January (literally winning with the very last action we had before an automatic loss rule kicked in), at the cost of making all following sessions more difficult.

I understood, intellectually, that the game would change as we played – that it’s designed to do so – but I didn’t fully grasp how much, how quickly, and how profoundly.

February is going to be … something, is what I’m saying. low whistle

For those not familiar with the “legacy” style of board game, here’s a good review of Pandemic Legacy.

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Story Games for Everybody – Shadows Over Camelot

Kate picked up Shadows Over Camelot for me this week, which is a game I’ve desperately wanted every since I read this thread on Story Games, over two and a half years ago.

I’m (not so) secretly hoping I can finagle a way to play this a couple times this weekend.