Apocalypse World, Ironwall, Session 2, Hunter

Serran and January backtrack to the old war museum, run into a ranger from another settlement on the way, find a shiny, and realize they’re in a trap. Guthrie gets mugged by the maelstrom and looses track of Linelle. Kaiwei (and posse) goes after Linelle, and runs into some trouble of the Big Bad kind. […]

Apocalypse World, Ironwall – Session 00

Kim, Kate, Amanda, and I get together to build an Apocalypse We’re using the new Burned Over playbooks that Vincent’s releasing for “PG13 Apocalypse World. (I don’t care about the rating, I DO care that the moves and playbooks feel more elegant and match much better what I’m looking for out of our relationship with […]

Primetime Adventures: Ironwall, Pilot Episode, “The Hill”

((Our pitch session is here. The cast includes: Cam, mechanic and tinkerer-savant Joseph, one of the pillars of the settlement, hiding a terrible secret Lennox, border guard, the survivor of a wiped-out settlement Sienna, practitioner of black magic who has already paid high prices The rest of the session follows below, as recounted by TWoP. […]

Primetime Adventures Pitch Session: Apocalypse Fairies!

So last night we got got together to work through the Pitch Session for a new Primetime Adventures game. ((For those who don’t know, Primetime Adventures is a game meant to emulate action/melodrama television shows. The purpose of play is to create a short-run television series (5 or 9 episodes) driven by the Issues of […]