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The Sapient Swill1 is a bar of some ill repute, yet noted for drawing in the most intriguing of individuals.

A most fabulous place, most inspiring to the creation of history2, where the ale flows freely, and the waitresses get friendlier as the night goes on.

A place where life seems to slide by both quickly and timelessly, with a golden glow that isn't just the flickering lamps reflecting off the glistening floor3.

A place where the discussion is sometimes political and often polemical, where a solid fist to the jaw is as valid a way of making a point as comparing one's opponent to Xedolf Mitler.

A place where the problems of the world can be solved in an evening, and yet be freshly unsolved the next morning.

A place where the sky seems painfully open, and the roof comfortingly low, the sun scorchingly hot, and the fire cozily warm.

A place where a man can spend the evening trying to determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Fengak, and no one looks askance.

A place where it's just as appropriate to discuss the latest installment of Project Take-Things-We-Use-For-Other-Stuff-And-Make-Them-Into-Things-You-Can-Wear as the merits of the Ducal Regiment.

A place where a woman can let her Uvalulu hang out for all to see, without fear of reprisal.

A magical place, and my favorite in all the lands.

-- Yours in Scholarship, Argus Penwizzle

1 Previously known as the Library of Logical Libations.

2 Creation of history meaning of course, creating shared memories together, not inventing historical fact. That wouldn't be scholarly, now would it?

3 A place where going to the outhouse to prepare oneself for the next round is entirely optional.

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