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A Wander Ring is a terrifying magical device, commonly employed by Death Squads and private school teachers1.

The Wander Ring allows the wearer to trap daydreams. Once a person's thoughts go a'wandering, those thoughts will often end up checking in to a nearby Wander Ring, and never checking out.

Used by the Death Squads to seek out those who's loose thoughts border on the treasonous, or at least guilt-inducing, or really just something it'd be fun to tease someone about, they led to the infamous phrase "Keep your thoughts on a leash, lest you get a visit from Meesh!"

Wander Rings were banned by the Interkingdom Treaty on Human Decency of 1369, but many black market Beakers still create them for various governments and private schools.

Some say that the Dark Decade was caused solely by a massive dream sponge2 spill from a Beaker lab that was creating a Wander Ring for every member of the Ducal Regiment2. With all the dreams in a huge area absorbed, creativity and joie-de-vivre was completely wiped out for ten years3.

Unfortunately, Wander Rings explode. When worn, the captured daydreams are released into the mind of the wearer. When left in a drawer unworn for too long4, the build up of captured dreams can be tremendous. Some have harnessed this power for cold-served revenge.

Luckily for us, they are few and far between these days...

- Yours in Scholarship, Argus Penwizzle

1 And bawdy stage producers. What better inspiration for a bawdy show than the naughty daydreams of everyone in the area?

2 Dream sponges being one of the primary components of Wander Rings. They are also commonly used by asylums to prevent cross-dream-contamination across inmates. No one wants Napoleon to think he's Manson.

3 Although some also wonder how much longer the Dark Decade would have been if the regiment had gotten their order.

4 Such as in the case of classroom No. 61 at St. Golamite of the Bleeding Teat.


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