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The famed War of the Ji'Li Tribesmen is noted for its rather incendiary nature, but a tangential battle, which can be said to have contributed nearly half of the kegs to the War’s name, is particularly noteworthy.

The Order of the Cup Deeply was first given to the noble Bodeans who, under the cover of a particularly deadly Mok Con, liberated over 450 kegs of Rondemel from the wine cellars of Axillary City, contributing to that city’s dramatic economic crash the following year. Though a number of Bodeans, on drinking the wine, became so enamored of Dornialan history that they became national historians, the greater part of the vast horde of kegs made its way, via the Jugular back to Bodea-Lotnikk and the Great Duke’s coffers.

Though this alcoholic liberation seems to have little in common with the Ji’Li war, the strange confluence of events that lead to a single year renowned for two major events involving kegs has been lumped together by later historians – some, no doubt, those traitor Bodeans living in Dorniala who wished to distance themselves from their actions.


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