Session Nine, part one

After a miserable night of dealing with the sudden Senatorial name-chance, I’ve come to this conclusion:
For the sake of my sanity, Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are now officially the same person in my campaign — Bail is the scion of BOTH the Organa and Antilles royal houses (Antilles is his paternal descent, Organa is his maternal) — therefore depending on which official function he’s attending, he might be announced as:
– Senator Antilles
– Senator Organa
– Prince Antilles
– Viceroy Organa
– First Chairman (of Alderaan)
I’M just going to call the bastard “Bail”.
A full discussion of this can be found here.

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  1. This was kind of what I was getting at Friday night. bedamned, it is just too confusing to do it any other way — and doesn’t make much sense. For the purpose of the movies, they can fiat it however they want (and not worry about it). For our purposes, I think your choice is the right one.

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