Star Wars – Session 12 & 13

Session 12 – Stunning Revelations
The GM has lost his notes on this session, so until he finds them, here’s the quick summary:
The party finds the backworld planet that Nayda visited, and backtracks along her route, trying to figure out what she saw or found that was dangerous. This eventually leads them to a secluded landing platform in the middle of nowhere. The group lands some distance away and tries to sneak in, but runs into booby traps.
At this critical point, Faloon betrays the group and stuns several of them, then pulls a thermal detonator, trying to stall until his allies at the platform ahead can get there.
Of course, the group fights, and we all learn how the new stun rules work. It’s very enlightening.
In the end, the group staggers away, some badly wounded, with an incapacitated Faloon in tow. When they reach the ship, they find a message waiting from Prince Antilles, instructing them to break off the investigation and meet him at the planet of ________.
Session 13 – Pieces of the Whole
The PC?s meet up with the Senator’s entourage at the planet of ____________, where he is representing the Republic in negotiations between the Trade Federation and members of the Outer Rim Consortium that has been “liberating” Bacta from Trade Federation shipments to redistribute to the Fringe worlds.
Antilles doesn’t know quite what to make of the information about Nayda. It appears that she simply stumbled into some sort of smuggling operation, except for the droid body that was in her locker at the starport, which seems to imply that she did a little bit more than simply spot a smuggling platform. Antilles confirms that it matches the head of the droid they recovered in Head Trip, and that the head is supposed to contain data directly concerning the bacta shortage, so the fact that she discovered it — in fact, the idea that she knew it was important — is very significant. Nayda has no idea why she would have thought it was important.
That afternoon will be the first meeting of the Trade Federation, terrorists, and Antilles. Antilles wants the group along as his personal entourage (including a Jedi padawan whose master was accompaning Antilles, but who was called away to a disturbance at Eriadu). Simon and Corvo are supposed to be directly assisting the Senator in these negotiations (the Senator thinks the Core Worlds should get most of the current Bacta Supply, based purely on population centers), but a few minutes into the meeting a message is delievered, expressing the regrets of the Trade Federation, who “have been delayed but the continued attacks on our ships”. The Consortium is angry and storms out of the room. The PC’s are on their own until an early breakfast meeting with Antilles.
The group heads out into what passed for the planet?s social life. Nayda tries to teach the farm-boy how to dance, and the groups gets spread out over the night.
Dag will get a call in the very very wee hours from Phin, who shares the ship access codes with him and tells him where he ‘stashed the droid’. He will be whispering the whole time, and will cut off the discussion abruptly. A few minutes later, Dag’s alarm will sound for the meeting.
Very early in the morning (about 3 am) Dag receives a com-call from Phin, who whispers something over the link about ?stashing the droid body? in a specific shipping warehouse and ?creating a diversion?. He gives Dag the access codes for the Knight Errant and his coms cut off. Shortly thereafter, the group is called by the senator?s security crew. The Senator has been attacked. Phin’s blaster is found at the site, tossed in the corner. Phin is missing. Digital recordings show that someone who looked like Phin from the back (the camera?s location), walked up the guards, spoke with them, dropped some sort of gas grenade, then walked into the Senator?s chambers, spoke with an unalarmed Antilles for a few moments, then shot him several times, dropped the blaster and leapt out the window.
There is some indication that the attacker survived the jump with the use of a belt-mounted, one-shot jetpack, used like a sort of parachute. Authorities have searched Phin?s chambers and found papers linking him to the Consortium, which the Consortium hotly denies.
Talks are called off, and the Senator is hospitalized in serious condition (the bacta shortage extends to this planet, and aside from what the party provides and what was in the Senator?s emergency travel store, there is virtually none available).
The group moves to look for the stashed droid body. At the warehouse, they?re attacked by a small group of well-training soldiers. Just after the fight and recovery of the droid body (which has a datachip stuck to it?s chest plate), the group catches a news broadcast that indicates they tried to attack and kill the Consortium diplomatic group (at the same time there were somewhere else entirely, being attacked themselves). Video footage is inconclusive, but does include the right number of light sabers.
The party needs to leave the planet, which proves difficult (especially to get to the ship). They are attacked on the tarmac by an assassin droid disguised as a walking labor droid. The party dispatches the first attacker, but more are coming. Nayda pulls up in a small speeder (with the droid head under her arm) and the party blasts off planet.
The other ships in orbit around the planet can’t seem the Hyperjump, but luckily the Knight Errant doesn’t seem to have that problem. The droid was stashed with a holo-projector chip containing a last minute message from Bail, not to them, but simple notes concerning the droid and what it might mean — he comments that he needs a tech to slice the information, now that all the pieces are together.
Initial slicing of the Droid gets some information — detailing the recent assassination of the entire Black Sun leadership, resulting in major infighting. One of the last entries concerns infighting apparently centered around a fringe-world named ____________, where the local Black Sun contact is listed as a reclusive mountaintop monastery. The logistics analysis on the droid shows that if this particular base is compromised during the civil war, ?certain pharmaceutical supply chains? will be seriously if not permanently disrupted.
(Side note: the Senator arranged for a Hyperspace transceiver to be delivered to the ship. It has yet to be installed, but is much anticipated by the group.)