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Friday night’s game was fun. I’m enjoying it quite a bit more than I used to — not quite sure why that is, but I imagine it’s basically because I go in cycles of enthusiasm with everything.
Also, there’s the pregnancy.
See, one character (priestess of the sun god) agreed to ‘do something’ that would immensely help out ‘the cause’ — she agreed to this during one of her many dream-time conversations with the god — he’s been visiting her a LOT lately.
Anyway, she wakes up the next morning feeling GREAT and with her eyes all… Glow-y. Really.
And morning sickness after casting Heroes Feast. 🙂
I find that, as the group gets to be more powerful and capable, I’m able to use the sorts of plot ideas that usually work much better in a higher powered campaign like Amber. My original estimates that a starting Amberite would be, in the d20 system, about a CR 10 creatures seems very accurate, as least as pertains to the sorts of stories and scope that they seem aptly geared to handle. With the (large) group now ~level 12&13, these are the days of broad themes and plots… now are the times where they speak frankly with the Duchess over a private meal.
They can kick more ass, and thus I feel less compelled to throw combat at them? Very odd.

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Well, That and the very move-y tummy ala Cordy.
oh, oh, oh! Mood swings with CRAVINGS!
I Must have the the flesh of an Elder Beholder NOW

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