Nobilis 101

For those interested (and apparently some are), I have a “Nobilis 101” document available. It’s about 15 pages printed, but considering that it’s a solid breakdown of a 300 page book (enough to use to make characters and get a good idea of the setting), that’s not too bad.
The original html document, written by a guy named “Ry” in 1999 (when there was only the first edition book out), is here. It is still a viable document and highly recommended. All respect is due this guy. it’s a great document.
I (and ***Dave) fiddled with it because…

  • The layout was pretty basic (circa 1999 straight text) and the ‘tables’ were hard to read.
  • Some of the rules info has changed
  • In fiddling with it, we both figured out the rules much better than we had before. I love the main rulebook, but when I was about thirty pages in, I stalled, and it was reading and editing the 101 document that really made things clear to me.


  1. Oddly, I just picked up this book. So…I’d be interested in having a copy of your document.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yes, please.
    I have the book, and enjoy it muchly, but I’d love to see a “short version” that could kickstart a small game.

  3. Ah. I didn’t know you hadn’t written it, Doyce. If I had known it was from a third source, I would have tweaked it even further … 🙂
    But, yes, nothing like writing documentation to help you figure out how something works.

  4. Dude… go to town… the only thing I really did after I downloaded it was take out the carriage returns and bold-face the headings.

  5. Well, I already turned the tables into … well, tables. There’s a bit of structuring that would be helpful I can think of. Let’s see if I remember to do it tonight.

  6. Still trying to figure out just what I’ll do with Nobilis, but I’d love to see this summary if you can mail it my way.

  7. Just so it’s clear to those reading the comments, I am sending it out to those that ask.

  8. I just started running Nobilis – I would find this helpful. Can I get you to send it my way?

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