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For the non-Nobilis people, the premise: Nobilis have mortal servants, known as Anchors, who will work for them and can also serve as ‘hosts’ that the Nobilis can jump into, take over, and even perform miracles through — anonymously.
For my reference, there are essentially four different types of Anchors, or more accurately, Anchors each have one ability, either chosen from the list below or designed with me:
Aid Miracle: calling on the Anchor with this ability helps out with a small, predefined set of tasks or miracles. For example, a persuasive Anchor can help sway opinions, a hound-spirit can help you hunt. *
Earthly Magic: the Anchor possess some earthly magic that you don’t (most certainly not the same thing as a Miracle, basically creating magical equivilants of 20th century tech), which gives you access to it.
Influence: the Anchor has mortal influence, can obtain wealth for you, or provide useful information or assistance within the area of their speciality.
Agent: the Anchor is multitalented and can be given tasks on a session-to-session basis, such as retrieving needed tools that you don’t have time to go after or protecting an area from spies or sabotuers — in mundane RPG campaigns, anchors talented enough to be a Noble’s “agent” anchor would be the PC. Their relative effectiveness is generally a function of your Spirit. *
Your Noble can not directly control the actions of their Anchor except by performing an Aspect miracle through them (with the appropriate cost in AMPs). This means, particularly, that an Anchor is a representative, not an avatar. They can convey messages from their Noble, but do not constitute the same thing as having the Noble in attendance in a social situation.

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  1. * – The Gwen-as-Anchor idea works best for Ambrose if she’s the “Aid Miracle” type of anchor — she’d give a boost to his domain when it came to very subtle electronics manipulation.

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