1. “Blake’s Seven” is a BBC series dear to the hearts of many English speaking peoples. I don’t know that it has ever been shown in the States.
    SF genre: concerns a tyrannical regime and the continuing efforts of a tiny band to resist that authority.

  2. Doyce
    Back when channel 6 used to show SF from the UK (Dr. Who, Survivors, day of the Triflids, The Prisoner, the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and several one/two series that I can’t remember) Blake’s 7 was one of them. It was on in the late eighties, and was pretty good, with a couple of really good villians (Avon, and Servalan).
    Basically it was the progenitor of Farscape (written by Terry Nation, the same guy who brought you The Avengers, The Saint, a large chunk of Dr. Who, and The Survivors). A group of earth prisoners is being hauled off to prison from earth when the prison ship comes across a derelict hulk. A group of prisoners is sent over to investigate (a political prisoner, a pirate, a computer hacker thief, a regular thief, and a man with rage issues that killed his wife, and a putz who is being protected by the murderer). The ship turns out to uber-ship from a forgotten race, and the crew heads off to save man kind.
    It was a gamers show, and a lot of fun. There is some info for you here.

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