Dicey Situations

Strong Probability: the RPGA guys ran a poll on common dice superstitions. Sorta funny. I know at least one person that does each one of these things.
There isn’t any entry for Jackie’s hitch, though — she won’t let the GM touch her dice while she’s playing. In my case, that means I can’t touch them even if we’re on the way to a game that I’m going to run — I’m ‘already the GM’ at that point. GM’s touching the dice corrupts ‘mission’ of the dice and they roll well only from the GM’s perspective at that point. Any corrupted dice must immediately be removed from the table and, when stored, have to be quarantined from the others.
Conversely, if we’re both players at a table, I can use them all they like.


  1. Lets see…
    I have #1
    “Worry that you might waste a good roll while fooling around with your dice.”
    “Retire a die that rolls poorly several times in a row.”
    (yes…I do have 3 different twenty siders)
    and I guess that Retiring bad rolling dice back to the bag might be considered to be “isolating” them.
    Depending on the game. Whatever the key die (dice) are, I won’t let people use them (D6’s for GURPS, D100’s for Dragonquest, and D20 for D20)

  2. You have 3 d20’s?
    Heh. Have Jackie or Justin show you their bags of dice sometimes.

  3. Despite my math degree and probability-focused job (that is, even though I know better), I still have the “store your dice with a particular number showing” thing… During d20 games, my dice sit with all “1”‘s up pretty much all the time.

  4. Heh. I didn’t game for a long time, then played only Amber for years. So I started playing Doyce’s games with NO SUPERSTITIONS WHATSOEVER. That, alas, did not last and I’ve had to give up making occasional comments about how silly everyone else was. Dammit. I have 5 d20s.

  5. Ok…
    So it is just me that has a GM that is upset that I have multiple D20’s and the whole dice retirement thing.
    Also, I fotgot to mention that Candy (Randy and John know her) “Retunes” her dice by storing them in her bra (“Huge tracts of land”) for about an hour if they start to role badly.

  6. I don’t have any superstitions to speak of when it comes to my dice. Though we do have a pair of the “Bauldry dice”, so named for a friend of ours who had the worst luck…consistently. Those dice aren’t allowed to mix with any dice that anyone else will be rolling.
    Side note: First time I’ve contributed, and I love the site. Any updates on the Amber d20? I’ve got a couple Elders that I’ve been working on for it.

  7. One of the guys in our group recently punished a set of dice that were consistently rolling badly by putting them in the freezer. However, since this was during the dicking-around-before-the-game portion of the evening, I gotta put it down to “good clean fun”…

  8. Heh…I have over a dozen, at least, of all of the standard dice. So many d20s & d10s that I have lost count entirely. Everyone in my group has a large collection. Even though I don’t use one very often, I still covet the large D100s at my local game shop.
    I will have one, oh yes…I will have one.

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