Making Time

WISH 37: Schedules and Circumstances

How do you prioritize gaming in your life to make sure it happens on an ongoing basis? Are there circumstances or scheduling issues that make it more or less likely for you to participate in a gaming session or a campaign? How do you work around these issues, or can you?

Here’s the secret: my social life is 95% gaming, so it’s unlikely we’ll hit a conflict.
That’s not as geeky as it sounds — we do other things, but generally when we do those things, it’s with our friends, and our friends were made through gaming, so…
Doesn’t matter if we’re going to the Zoo or England; there’s probably a discussion about characters and plotlines and the effect of zombie rot going on.
Friday night is a designated games night right now (we’ve done weekdays for LONG stretches in the past, but it’s just not what we’re doing now, mostly because of people needing early bedtimes or the fact that weeknights are now school nights for those of us with kids. Anyway: Friday nights, alternating two games on a bi-weekly schedule, and we usually have the Whens worked out by the first of each month for that month.
It’s in my Palm Pilot. I can show you. It’s just the sort of thing that you have to do when you’ve got to get together seven or eight people with 2 or 3 kids to handle — prep time isn’t just for the scenario anymore. It takes work (and commitment from those people that have to come a long ways to play, bless em).
That’s two games. Then, every other Saturday night is Cry Havoc, and we squeeze OA in wherever we can — one of the reasons that game has the players it does is because those players are relatively near one another and can gather on short notice — sometimes that’s all we get, and I usually have one or two scenarios for OA prepped and ready on my Palm in case we decide to play.
Then there’s Conventions… ugh.
We’ve got kids, friends that live far away… it just takes work and time and effort and commitment.
But everything you love does, right?