One of the nice things about the Blogging internet is that you can post a rant stating that gamers are misanthropic, maladjusted blights on society (giving about a half-dozen examples to support the idea that all gamers are pariahs) and that you swearing off gaming entirely…
…get soundly lambasted by everyone who replies to the post, including your friend, whose fiance was one of the folks you listed (nice) as well as a very happy player in that same fellow’s campaigns…
…and remove the post as though it never happened by Dawn’s Early Light. We’ll call it Retroactive History Engineering.
So I’ll say this in response to the-post-that-never-was: You’re wrong. I don’t know where you live, Guy, but wherever it is you aren’t looking hard enough. I know more good gamers than I know what to do with, and among ‘regulars’ we’ve got 3 kids, two of whom are preschoolers, so no blaming it on the bambinos and how they cut into and how I wouldn’t understand that.

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