Mashup 4: Neuromancer meets…

Population: One: Monday Mashup #4: Neuromancer.
Let’s put this in a non-standard game system. How about the excellent Dreamwalker system/setting (available at RPGNow for five bucks).

This one is pretty straightforward: the Dreamlands = the Net. To introduce the Neuromancer feel you need a number of powerful corporations that are trying to fence off key sections of the Mass Subconcious for their own purposes.
One of the bits I loved about Gibson’s stuff from this era was the Voodoun gods that had found new life within the Net — that sounds like a heck of a fun thing to carry over into the Dreamlands — Legba et. al. trying to help out the PCs against the Taenia Spiritus. Tie things up a little more tightly by having some of the international corporations that are researching “dream technology” (think Thirteenth Floor) actually in league with the Taenia, making massive advances in the Dreamworld tech in exchange for giving the hivemind Enemy a strong beachhead from which to mount their invasion.
Damn. Another idea I’d kind of like to run. This would be pretty darn cool.

(Side note: Dreamwalker is also available in diceless flavor, using the RPGNow-ubiquitous Active Exploits game system.)