Beach Patrol! — Season in the Sun

Population: One: Monday Mashup #8: Beach Boys

Without pushing in any particular direction, I?d say there?s potential for romantic scenarios, ecological scenarios, fun-oriented scenarios, or even auto racing scenarios.

System: Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Setting: Anime-style school/resident training for Beach Patrol! (lifeguards crossed with the coast guard)
1. Take You’re Under Arrest, Oh My Goddess!, the Beach Boys, and mix thoroughly.
2. Separate into self-contained episodes involving smugglers (for the more serious action sequences), vandals, competency testing in various areas of skill for members of Beach Patrol, surfing competitions, drag-races, and beach parties organized by the PCs (for the completely transparent goal of getting two characters ‘together’), et cetera.
3. Bake under a summer sun.
4. Cover in tanning lotion.
5. Serve.

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