Weekend review 2

Saturday: First half of the second session of the second story-arc in Nobilis (which of course would be designated Session 8C… don’t ask). Four players who have never gamed with each other as a gestalt (or, in some cases, at all), so I’m really still working on getting the group to gel and build some momentum. Folks are still finding their sea-legs, I think. I hope.
To aid this, I’ve hit on the simple solution of taking two fairly complicated plots (1. political wrangling over key ‘geographic spiritual resources’ and 2. a plot to frame the familia for treason) and starting them up simultaneously while the familia is still making introductions. Not satisfied with stopping there, I’ve also introduced a few key NPCs that should loom large in the story for some time and made notes about the far-reaching consequences of some player actions.
Things are coming along well, mostly: I’m a little unhappy with my own ability to keep gametime even (it *felt* about right to me, but I’m not sure if it did to everyone else), but I’m pleased with the group and the dynamics that are being introduced. I’m looking forward to these initial plots (esp. the frame-job) concluding and where some of the loose threads might lead — also, I have some characters who are really designed to tell a strongly internal, personal story and I’m looking forward to exploring that some more.
Favorite bit: Jurai of the Cammora’s introduction and explaining his desire to meet everyone ‘just say Hellooooo.’
Also… tumescence in it’s creepiest form EVER. Bwuuahh ha haaa.


  1. Okay, I want a second MP for that particular “Ceremonial.”
    And what you failed to mention about Jurai is that he’s Tim Curry at his skin-crawling smarmiest.
    The game-time balance felt right, btw. At least as good as what I managed Sunday (which is hopefully not damning with faint praise). The party (and story) beginning to gel a bit was noticeable.

  2. The only reason I question the time between folks was from the end of the session, where you were moving around the scene, and when I switched to Stan and John there was an explosive exhalation of breath and “FINALLY’s”. I could chalk it up to eagerness to join the fray, but self-doubt makes me wonder if I’d forgotten to give them their dues.
    Then there’s poor gallumphing Fungus, who got there first and acted last ūüôā ūüôĀ
    Mostly all of that was end of session, which was a bit frantic (but I guess that’s good, because everyone seemed very… invested in the scene ūüôā
    And… how about I just give you one MP, but let you use it to take one of your totals above current max? Not normally the way it works, but…. Tumescence. ūüôā
    Finally, I loved playing Jurai. I had no idea that was going to be his character until right then. Absolutely fun fun fun.

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