The sweetest phrase I’ve typed in awhile: This is a Z entry in the Lexicon Of The Second Age. 🙂
I want to publically thank Jere for the opportunity to work/play on this game/project; it opened my mind to a world of possibility in the Lexicon format, to Wikis in general (I didn’t have any when the Lexicon started — now I have two), and to Nobilis. Also, it exposed me to some great writing from other folks that really made me stretch my mind to match. It has been great.
It has also been hard. We started the “A” entries right around Christmas and just wrapped the “Z”‘s… well, technically it was supposed to be yesterday, but it was today for me.
Still, I may not have always been on time, but I never missed a letter: my personal list of contributions are here, or you can just look at this list:

  • Anaxam — psychotropic metal
  • The Baikal — ‘flimy’ connections between world-fruit
  • The City Of No — home of the Poet-Bakers
  • The Demesne Kalon — garden chancel of Beauty That is More than Skin Deep
  • The Eidolon Tapestries — Mad patterns of creation
  • Florilegium Requiescat — The Book of the Dead for destroyed Flowers/Estates.
  • Gliriform Masque — Not to be confused with the Gliriform Mask
  • Hallow The Eater — just what he sounds like
  • Iluac, Garden of — the virtual world
  • Jewel Of Markov — in which we learn that Math Hurts
  • Kaldath — my favorite Power of the Dark
  • The Lorists — Second Age pseudo-historians
  • The Mandala Principle — in which Creation bitch-slaps time-travelers
  • Nephtarya — the Tragic Mountains
  • Order For Irresponsible Behavior — Buckaroo Banzai meets Nobilis
  • Plimorath — adversity creates… beauty
  • Quumyagga — the last and best of the Powers of Kalon
  • Rite of Air-Speaking — banned in 48 of 50 states
  • Scaraboids — yeah… pretty much like they sound
  • Teggnukan — one of only four Powers to survive to the current day from the Second Age
  • Unknown Benefactors — love hurts
  • Vilphori — a good argument against the right to public assembly
  • Wulfaben Mushrooms — Free Your Mind
  • Xylotomous Parasites — See also, Scaraboids
  • Yantiburum Monks — Jedi meet the Nobilis… and DIE
  • The Zeroth Age — saying goodbye to the project

I also created references to these other entries, which other authors were then obliged to make sense of:

  • Drenveldin Larkspur — my new favorite Wildlord EVER
  • Ellerophon — every game needs a decadent pleasure world
  • Fleet of the Yu Ketch — little, green, different
  • Genun — he makes Evil fun
  • Glantri Shelf Fungus — Trippy, Jumbo-sized
  • Kalon, Estate of — more than skin-deep
  • Omnifarious Fruit — Everything to Everyone
  • Q’san-Drin — hosts of the Pleasure World
  • SpinWolves — Destruction and Zero-Point energy rolled spun into one
  • Supernal Surculation — pruning the World Ash
  • Ys, City of — it really is the Thought that Counts
  • Zendix Prime — The second-age-about-the-first-age version of the Lexicon we just finished writing