Perverse Access Memory: WISH 83: My Character’s Motto

What are your characters? mottoes, in ten words or less? Quotes and formal mottoes encouraged.

Japteth: Harm Not the Dead.
 &nbsp(Unofficial: You die, you’re mine.)
Dylan: Everyone has secrets.
 &nbsp(Unofficial: Sometimes, you wing it.)
Bob: Never trust Jedi.
Gwydion: In Her Majesty’s Name.
Hmm… I should have more characters, so I can have more mottos.


  1. Ian:
    If you are Helpless, you are Dead.
    (unofficial: A dead Family member, is a good Family member.)
    Die, Julian, Die!
    If it feels good, do it.
    (unofficial: Bored now…)
    What do you mean this is all real?

  2. Arthur:
    Better to breed than bleed.
    If they ain’t Amberites, they ain’t shit.
    I’m so misunderstood…if they understood me they’d kill me.
    Let’s Make a Deal

  3. Suggested alternatives for 13:
    “Too fucking small! We need bigger guns!”
    “Boys ATR …accept no substitute!”
    “Oh please call me Reese just once Diego”
    Other alternatives for Tiberius:
    “I’m my own grampa”
    “What happens if I do this? Oops!”

  4. Finvarra, “After Me, the deluge.”
    Niccolo, “Never do an enemy a small injury.”

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