Roleplaying with your kids

Prydain, the Hobbit, Pendragon…
Good stuff. Personally, I’ve been angling to do some Paladin and/or Dead Inside with Justin, but I might do some stuff with Universalis, the Pool, or Donjon as well, just to stretch his imagination a bit.
That said, the quick little thing the guy writes up for his kids struck me as pretty playable as well. See it in all its scribbled glory at the Adventures of the Good Knights (and Other Stories).
This is the same guy that wrote Kill Puppies for Satan — which is definitely a different sort of game 🙂

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  1. In this month’s Previews: “Meddling Kids,” from Pandahead Productions.
    Designed to help young children grasp the concpet of roleplaying, and implementing the new Starter system rules, “Meddling Kids” is a stand-alone game that allows novice players to take on the role of a group of teenagers who stumble upon a wild Card — an anthropomorphic companion — and band together to solve mysteries.
    I.e., Scooby-Doo. Though the cover art is very careful to avoid that connection. Ships 4/04.

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