Dis not the wiki

The difference between blog and wiki and why wiki rawks.
Today I was thinking “I should put up a link to Fate RPG so I can hit it easily and quickly. I don’t really want to put it in the blog because if I do it’ll get suXord into the archives and I’ll have to go digging.”
That’s the only thing that isn’t cool with blogs — links are great, and the archives of your life are great, but nothing’s left where you put it a few days ago. Everything slowly shifts downward into the archival sarlacc (sarlaac? hmm, Star Wars spelling angst) pit.
Then, just for a second, I thought “You should just add it as a link to your Fudge page,” and I started to get down about how much of a pain in the ass that was going to be: download html, edit, save, upload, double-check.
Just for a second, it felt like the old days.
Then I remembered that I had put the Fudge page into RandomWiki and with a few easy clicks the link would be in a nice static page that didn’t get pulled into archives and would always be where I left it.
And that felt pretty damn good.
Since Scott asked for it:
Wikis in plain English
Other Wiki Resources:


  1. I still don’t quite grok wikis, and I’ve been on the ‘net since about ’89 — never even heard of ’em until about a year ago.

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