Grade School Sorcerers

I’m gonna run this. Brace yourselves.

You know that little boy sleeping in other bed isn’t really your brother. Ever since that game of hide and seek on your birthday last week, well… he’s been different. He got locked in the closet by accident, and by the time Mom got him out, little Joey wasn’t little Joey anymore. Sure, the kid snoring softly over there looks like Joey. Your mom can’t tell the difference, but… you know. You’re not even sure he’s a kid at all- ‘least not like you. He always eats everything on his plate, and brushes his teeth before bed. He even cleaned up the room first. Mom gave him an extra cookie in his lunch yesterday too. But scariest of all, Spot won’t come near him. Spot loves Joey.


  1. The kid should spike Mom’s cookie dough with holy water. Problem solved.

  2. This reminds me a lot of the campaign source book (D20) I picked up at one point, full of archtypal kids trapped in a dark fairy tale environment. I’ll loan it to you sometime.
    (It sounded fun.)

  3. Dave, what sourcebook is that? I’d love to find a copy locally; sounds like a great idea!

  4. Grimm, from Fantasy Flight Games. It’s a D20 supplement and campaign setting for “dark fairy tales” and kids sucked into them (think of an embittered Sid & Marty Kroft on a bad acid trip).
    It was a little too unstructured for what I was looking for at the time, but it’s a great setting and rules set (to simulate kid archetypes and imagination in D20).

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