Mythic Space Opera

I’ve played a lot of Star Wars. Let’s get that fact out of the way right now. I played the d6 version starting from back in the heyday when WestEndGames was on the way up and still had it’s best source books and scenarios in front of it.
I’ve played the d20 version, because, like sex, even bad Star Wars is still Star Wars, baby. (Note: much of the new trilogy redefines ‘bad Star Wars’, but I digress).
Let’s just say that that I love Star Wars, and I love playing Star Wars rpgs — the only problem being when the system just gets in the way and makes things… not good — in my case, it led to burnout on the d20 system.
It’s a fantastic, mythic backdrop when done right. (Cue another snark about the recent movies.)
Now… I’ve also, much more recently, become quite familiar with the Heroquest rules, which allows for some great, character-oriented play with a mythic focus.
So I want to take those two facts together — I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars RPG material, and I know how HQ generally plays.
Now, may I present:

RPGnet Forums – Compleat Star Wars to Heroquest conversion.

I’m using the basic Heroquest rules, with the following exceptions:
Followers cost 3 hero points rather than 1 (I want a small band of rebels rather than a crowd of assorted retainers).
Sidekicks are a keyword rather than a buyable option (but I may allow buying them for extra hero points later on).
Instead of improving your abilities by 20 points, you get a best ability at 5m and two second best abilities at 1m (the way it works in Hero Wars)
Scaling: if hit by something bigger, you lose an additional ‘damage level’ for each scale of difference. The scales are roughly:
womp rat : human : vehicles/fighters : freighters/AT-ATs : capital ships : death star.

View the discussion or just download the PDF.
I’ve gone through the PDF. I am in awe. It’s brilliant. It makes me want to run Star Wars again.


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