CoH entry #1

City of Heroes Expansion Issue #3: A Council of War
What I’m already loving about the CoH updates is that they don’t just fix the code, they make the game BIGGER — more zones, more plots, more bad guys, new stuff…
They fixed fear powers (which sucked), so instead of running away, the bad guys cower. That’s great.
They fixed it so you can actually punch a guy you’re running after. That’s great.
But best of all?

You can now control what music the boombox plays with a bunch of new emotes. These are also available from the Quickchat menu. They all begin with “bb” which stands for “boombox”. The list: bb, bbAltitude, bbBeat , bbCatchMe , bbDance . bbElectroVibe , bbDiscoFreak , bbDogWalk , bbHeavyDude , bbInfoOverload , bbJumpy , bbKickIt , bbLooker , bbMeaty , bbNotorious , bbMoveOn , bbPeace , bbQuickie , bbRaver , bbShuffle , bbTechnoid , bbWindItUp , bbVenus , bbWahWah . bbYellow , bbSpaz.