CoH post, #3

Live in fear: Jackie has a character on City of Heroes. Shadow.Cat is a Dark Melee/Invul Scrapper and quite a can of whup-ass. Time to order a second account. 🙂
Also, for those folks looking around for me (some have asked), here the current list:
* Hang Time: Energy/Energy Scrapper (Science origin, if getting zapped accidentally while delivering pizza to the lab counts as “science”.) If you squint your eyes and don’t look too hard, then Hang Time’s my “main”… by which I mean I cackle *slightly* more loudly when his cool powers go off than I do with my other characters. Sometimes. HT is easy to play — I just say ‘dude’ a lot. And Whoa.
* ZeeGee: Gravity/Forcefield Controller (Mutant). ZeeGee is visually a lot of fun to watch on the screen, but somehow her gameplay is frustrating. Or something. I dunno. Maybe I just need to go over to the costume guy in Skyway and change her look — her hair bugs me.
* Rose.Red: Illusion/Kinetics Controller (Magic). Snow White’s older, less-pleasant sister — just moved to Paragon from Park Avenue. She’s dog slow in getting around (til I get teleport), but a lot of fun to play — sort of a raver debutante who got shanghaied into heroics. Most of her powers remind me of an area of effect vampire :).
* Gilly: Super Strength/Invulnerability Tanker (Magic). Gilly is GREAT fun to play. She’s a tiny little thing (ten year old) who was left daddy’s magic gloves when he disappeared. She’s using them to look for him. And kick ass. If you know what a Tanker does on CoH, imagine a sprite doing the job, and you’re there. I want a title that says “Combat Pixie”.
* Gu Gan Cheung: Martial Arts/Super Reflexes Scrapper (Natural). My attempt to do a “Crouching Tiger” character in the game, crossed with a bit of Kill Bill :). He’s pretty bad ass, but doesn’t see a lot of play time, for reasons I’m not sure of.
* Girl Five: Radiation/Radiation Defender (technology). Designate Girl Five Is A Defense, Support, And Tactical Unit. Activated 178.34353 Hours Prior To This Statement. It Has Been Very Interesting To Meet You.
Honestly? I LOVE playing Girl Five. Right now, she’s probably my favorite. So Much FUN. I just suck as a healer. SUuuuuuuucK.
Everyone but Hang Time’s about level 9 or so. HT’s 12. Jackie’s Shadow.Cat is level… 5? I think 5. In one night, yes.
And there are SO many other character ideas I’d like to do… MAN. I’ve seen two or three really cool Storm Controllers in a the past couple days. There was this little nordic dwarf dude last night… with Storm/Kinetics? Bad. Ass.
I also have Hangtime (note the spelling change) on Virtue Server, for when Champion hiccups. He’s about level six and got Hover asap. (I mean, with a name like that, you have to fly, right?)
One thing I’ve noticed is that I have no character’s with Area of Effect attacks. Rose has an AoE Blind, but it doesn’t do any damage… and that’s about it. I find myself wanting such things at times. A lot. I’ve bypassed a couple such things on Hang Time in favor of powers that let me bring stupid amounts of pain to a single target, and sometimes I regret it, but not often.
Which is fine — I know I WILL have AoE’s with some people, eventually.