CoH Issue 4 Changes

Here are some of my personal WOOHOOS and BOOS:
o Improved Max Stealth capability (High stealthy powers like Superior Invisibility can now better protect against foes with high Perception, like Snipers).
o Villains can now knock you back, instead of just knocking you down. (cool)
o Increased the Damage buff of Leadership/Assault and Vengeance by 50%.
o Modification to Perception attribute: Increased Perception will now allow you to see stealthy foes or resist powers that reduce your Perception. (cool)
oo Accuracy Inspirations now increase Perception.
Oo Leadership/Tactics now offers increased Perception and resistance to Confuse (yay!).
o Super Reflexes/Focused Fighting now offers resistance to Confuse.
o Super Reflexes/Focused Senses now offers increased Perception.
o Empathy/Clear Mind now offer resistance to Fear and Confuse, and grants increased Perception. (nice!)
o Resolve, Strength of Will, and Sheer Willpower Inspiration are now removed from the game. Break Free, Emerge, and Escape Inspirations will now protect you from all effects including Sleep, Hold, Immobilization, Disorient, Fear, Knockback and Confuse, and can be activated even while under such effects. (AWESOME — especially since these were the only inspirations you could never BUY, and I needed ALL THE TIME — it’s GREAT to seem them replaced!)
o Reduced the duration of Break Free, Emerge, and Escape Inspirations.
o Defenders and Controllers will now drain more Endurance when using powers that drain endurance. More specifically, Defenders will drain more endurance when using Electricity Blast than a Blaster using the same power. Controller will now drain more endurance with powers such as Transfusion, but Defenders will still drain more than Controllers.
o Kinetics/Transfusion now debuff the targeted foes? Regeneration Rate.
o Kinetics/Siphon Speed now also transfers attack rate (debuffs targets attack rate and buffs the casters).
o Changed rank of Devouring Earth beacons. They should be easier to destroy now.
o Increased recharge time (less often) for Yellow Ink Men Holds and Sleeps. (WOOOOOOO!!!!)
o Decreased Chance for DE Fungi men to put you to sleep with their Spores. (WOOOOOO!!!!!)
o Added missing attack types to Gravity powers (defense now applies to all gravity attacks). (Player and Villain versions). (Thank GOD — those CoT Agony mages were KICKING MY BUTT.)
o Super Reflexes/Quickness now also resists slow effects. (cooool)
o In PvP, 30% of most Blaster damage cannot be resisted.
o Damage from Scrapper Critical hits in PvP cannot be resisted.
o In PvP, confused characters see all players with names of their team?s color. All of their AE powers affect friends and foes equally. While confused, all ranged powers have a chance of hitting a random target in range (friend or foe) rather than the intended target. (COOL!)
o Blaster/ Energy Manipulation: Energy Punch and Bone Smasher have a chance to knock out toggles. (HEH)
I’ll also not that the Arena Ground Rule ?Disable Travel? has no effect on Strategist’s movement powers. Heh.
o Spectral Terror now only targets one foe when it uses its Terrify attack. (boo)
o Reduced the effect Duration of Terrorize powers.
Actually: meh — it was horrible before — now it doesn’t suck and they have to balance it. That happens.
Coalition Chat
o Coalition chat can be accessed by clicking on the Coalition button in your Supergroup menu, or via slash commands.
/c Chats in the coalition channel.
o If Supergroup A and Supergroup B have a coalition, and Supergroup A and Supergroup C have a coalition, then anything members of A say will be heard by members of A, B, and C. Anything members of C say will be heard only by members of A and C. Anything members of B say will be heard only by members of A and B.
Click to Move
o With this feature on, left click on a target point or object and your character will move to that point
o Double click on a target to move to it and interact with it (go to a door and walk through, move to an npc and begin talking, etc.).
o Click to Move is turned off by default. It can be turned on in the Options menu.
o On-Demand Use: hold down a key (default is V) to temporarily enable the feature for as long as the key is held. If the feature is set to run all the time, holding down the key will temporarily disable click to move.
o Autorun: hold down both left and right mouse buttons for 2 seconds to enable autorun. hold buttons down again to turn autorun off.
New Commands
o Added “Suppress Extra Player FX” to the Options Menu, which will disable rendering of “unimportant” player FX systems (any PBAoE or continuing FX not affecting the player or a teammate)


  1. The colition thing will be nice for all the aliance folks to ask for assitance.

  2. Yeah…the diable thing will come in handy…hopefully you’ll be able to turn off the targeting drone noise.

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