CoH Weekend update.

Everything ‘normal’ in our game calendar was either cancelled or not scheduled, due to either weather or Easter, so there was a lot of CoH going on:
* Positron TF with an alt on Friday night (since my regular game fell through) in which I got to work with Lee’s peacebringer, which I hadn’t before. ‘At-sa my kinda AT.
* Manticore TF with Hang Time on Saturday morning. Awesome group. Practically no deaths. (I pulled a bit too much aggro at one point and was back up before the fight was over, Jackie’s invis wore off in the middle of her scouting an enemy base… and the Tank got ambushed at one point with all of his toggles off — that was it in six hours of a seven person group doing nothing but red-and-purple mobs non-stop.))
* Sunday: Started out good, with a couple fun duos, including a very funny IC conversation about “Who should play who in the Freedom Phalanx version of the Lord of the Rings movie”, then it suddently turned into The Day That Fucking Sucked, basically.
The Good
* Gilly dinged both 15 and 16 during the Positron TF on Friday Night/Saturday AM.
* Hang Time dinged 34 during the Manticore TF.
* Strat hit 23 Sunday evening.
The Bad
* 17 faceplants over the course of the weekend. I have never had anything even close to that number. Honestly, I was close to my ‘personal worst’ already by about midnight on Friday.
** Seven were on Gilly’s Positron run, which over-doubled her total death count for the game thus far.
** Six were on Strategist, on Sunday, in 15 minutes. Yeah. He’d pulled a faceplant a total of four times prior to that in 22 levels, so that was frustrating. I switched to Hang Time…
** And had a few good runs with some members of the Elements, until we tried to take down Psychic Babbage (a level 53 Arch-Villain) and, he bit concrete four times in about 20 minutes.
The Meh
I took a shower, a nap, and watched a movie. I felt considerably better. Logged Strat back on, teamed up with a couple good players in very oddly-configured groups ((at one point, it was four MA/SR scrappers, each built along very different lines, doing Devouring Earth)). Doing that, I got rid of all debt and got to 23, which I then commemorated by two more slots in Stamina and some very fun roleplay with Allegro, the Clown Girl.
The debt on Hang Time bugs me a bit, and it may cause me some grief — I’ve currently got five contacts who will give me missions, and I’m working them all so that they’ll finish up at the same time, give or take — the problem is, it looks like they’ll finish up before I hit 35 and get new people to talk to… at this point, I can’t tell if the debt slowing me down will help me finish them before I’m too uber for them to talk to me, or means that I’m running that many more missions before I level, and thus cleaning them out too soon. I think it’ll be the latter.