1. Paragon City was not for Gu. He went back to China.
    ((Also, as MA/SR Scrapper Mk. 3, he was no longer needed.))

  2. Yuo can delete this after:
    Puck Bunny – Sorry about the whole Winter Lord thing, eh…
    Name: Puck Bunny (A.K.A. Cate Winters)
    Origin: Natural Controller
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 173cm
    Weight: 277kg
    Back story: Far, far to the north, in the snow swept plains of upper Canuckistan, live the perky tribe of the Puck Bunny.
    Having grown up in the mockingly derided City of Winnipeg, Manitoba (A.K.A. Winterpeg Manitsnowsthere) I became very aware of the love hate relationship between the Puck Bunnies and the Rink Rats. Like all young girls in Upper Canukistan, I was taught to Figure Skate, which I enjoyed, until one day I saw a bunch of Rink Rats playing Hockey just after class ended, and I was hooked. I wanted to play Hockey in the worst way, but the Rink Rats told me that I would need to pass a test to join. I wasn?t very sure about this but agreed anyway. That Friday evening, I was brought into the presence of the Winter Lord, and told to bow down to his will. I was scared and did not know what to do…I looked around for some sign of hope when a group of Puck Bunnies came in to high-stick some Rink Rats right into the boards!
    After the rescue, I was brought before the Head of the Puck Bunnies, Amii McKeller. Miss Amii looked me over with a critical look about her. I was unsure of what she was going to do, I had always heard that the Puck Bunnies were a kind and giving group, but did not know what was going to happen. Her face warmed and she smiled at me.
    She Said ?Child, come over to me and let me see into your soul.?
    I was almost more scared of this then of The Winter Lord.
    I stepped forward, just within her reach, when she put her hand upon my head and stared deeply into my eyes. Her hand was warm and comforting, her stare cold and unforgiving. She told me that Hockey was not to be, but that if I worked really hard, and put my mind to it, I could become one of her sister…Become a Puck Bunny.
    Over the next decade I suffered and grew, hoping to become the best of the Bunnies. When I was eighteen was finally granted membership, and my life became complete. The Puck Bunnies are a Sisterhood and Fight as a Sisterhood. I was given the task of being Combat Support, to Body-check Rink Rat?s with my mind.
    That was a month ago…shortly after the Winter Lord killed Miss Amii in a bench clearing Brawl against the last of the Rink Rats. The Rink Rats fled to parts unknown, and The Winter Lord was thought to have headed south…to where we did not know.
    Recently, the tribe became aware of that the Winter Lord had settled in Paragon City, and the Damage he had brought to it. It took awhile for the tribe to get its [@#$%] together, but now they have sent me, their fiercest warrior to Paragon City to take on the Baddies in this post Winter Lord world.
    Since coming to Paragon City I have made good friends with P-Siren, Psi-Clone (informally known as the ?P-Squad?), and gone on some missions being Mentor?d by the fantastic Shadow.Cat. I have been a part of good teams, and bad teams over the past month. I have been led by Velvet Jones, and others of her quality.
    I wish to be a part of a team in Paragon City, since it is a lonely place for one such as I who is use to being a team player. The Freedom Phalanx looks to be a good fit for both me and the team.
    P.S. If you have to ask what a Puck Bunny is, You don?t deserve to know. It?s a Hockey thing, and you really wouldn?t understand.
    Canada is the second largest landmass!
    The first nation of hockey!
    and the best part of North America!
    My name is Cate!!
    And. I. am. Canadian!!!
    Personality Traits: Perky with a hint of the sarcastic. She has the ability to see the humor in most circumstances.
    Powers: The Puck Bunnies are a team oriented group, and I was taught to open my mind to all things. One day I found that I could provide cover to my Sisters, and keep Rink Rats from escaping justice. Recently she learned a new trick to keep folks from getting to hot or to cold, a handy trick, eh…
    In-Game Archetype: OOC – Controller, Currently 12th
    In-Game Powers: OOC – Gravity Control/Force Control/Leaping/Leadership
    About the Player:
    Roleplaying Experience: I?ve been RP?ing since high-school (a long,long time ago). FtF Games: DnD D20, Amber, Rolemaster, Nobilis, HeroQuest. Prior to City of Heroes, the only MMORPG that I had played was Ultima Online, Which I stopped playing when it descended into a PK fest.

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