The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Certain things that always seem to happen with me and multi-player online games:
1. I make a wise-cracking, relatively-fragile, power-throwing character that I really enjoy playing.
2. I make a more serious, older, “uncle” character who can take a pounding.
3. The wise-ass character joins a group of some kind.
4. Very shortly thereafter, the wise-ass is given some level of responsibility in the group.
5. Not too long after that, the more serious character is given (shared) control over the group.
6. Every one of my characters takes a hit in the play-time department as a consequence.
I’m going to do my damndest to avoid six, because somewhere in there, I start keeping my characters secret from everyone I know so I can actually play, but then have no one to play with, because I’m hiding from everyone I know online.
Repeat after me: it’s just a game. It’s not a job. Recruiting is not my thing — if I must have responsibility, let it be to lead others to good in-character play by providing an example — let it NOT be ‘paper-pushing’.


  1. Just do what would be done in RL. The Wise-ass could be assigned to “Special Projects” aloowing you to put Hang Time back in the Fun aspect, while the new guy takes over the Serious stuff. That way everything is nicely compartmentalized.

  2. The problem I’ve always run into is that people know that Hang Time = other guy’s player, so you get OOC tells about stuff that, as HT, you shouldn’t have to deal with.
    See, it’s not Strategist being made a tribunal member. It’s Doyce. That’s the problem.

  3. If you aren’t having fun, expecially with a GAME that you are PAYING to play, then you’re doing something wrong.
    Hopefully you’ll be doing something more fun with S. than just “paper pushing” and recruitment. I agree — the best service you can provide is good RP. Oh, and spending time with your friends.

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