Weekend in review

No game on Friday, which … well, there wasn’t one scheduled — I just thought there was. Syn and Hype worked through some of their story arcs and, in the process, dinged 29 (meaning Hype passed Strategist as my second-highest-level character), got the Celebrity badge, got the Tank Buster badge, and picked up all the explorer badges in Terra Volta.
Saturday, ran through the Hess and Citadel task forces with Hyperthermian and Synoptic. The Hess one I’d never done before, so that was very cool — like all the Striga content, it’s a step above the older material in the game… very much recommended.
((The coolest (okay, hottest) part, for me, was the big fight at the end, where Hype ended up fighting the master villain while standing in a pool of lava — ultimately, it’s what saved the day, because he was taking SO MUCH damage from the lava, and I (fire tanker) was taking essentially none — it kept us in the fight and pulled a victory out of what was very nearly a TPK.))
Bastion/Citadel I’d done before as HT with a pickup group, and it was much as I remembered it — lots of council on a lot of council maps that you’ve already need a LOT, and not a lot of stuff to otherwise recommend it.
In the process of all this, Hype and Syn dinged 30, so after the 10 to 12 hours of task forces, we went and did the level 30 Costume Mission as well as the mission that lets you add auras to the costumes, then fscked around in Icon for an hour or more. At least.
Sunday, no gaming at all (for me, at least), until quite late in the evening, most of which revolved around HT’s current Crey plot and getting ready for the massive Task Force we’re undertaking with a pack of the 40-somethings.
Monday was a mish-mash of stuff — more HT-plotty stuff, some time with Hype and Syn, trying to clean up some storyarcs before dinging 31.
Looking back, the stretch of levels from 25 to 30 has just flown by — we’ve been focusing on making sure that Hype and Syn do ALL the task forces during the levels in which they are offered, without having to exemp back down. That is PARTICULARLY hard in this level range, because you want to run ‘regular’ missions as well (in fact, you have to in order to get the Hess TF), and there are FOUR task forces that can be run from level 24 to 32 (Respec, Moonfire, Hess, and Citadel). That requires planning and a REAL LOVE of beating the hell out of the Council, because of those four, three of them are PURE Council.
We did it mostly by making sure that we only took missions from two of our contacts, each — Syn took over the Striga story arc contact once we both had Steph’s Ring done, I had the Mutie-contact, and then we each took one for ‘fun’ — she took Marvin Weintraub so we could keep pounding on the Freakshow, and I took the Family/Sky Raiders contact located conveniently near my other main contact — that seems to work, and it looks like we’ll finish up those four contacts with no problem before leveling up to 31. (And in the process, we’ve picked up two Storyarcs (Ubelmann and the Freaklympics) that I’ve never done and have always been interested in. Bonus.
HT’s my highest level character. He’s still my main, but I LOVE playing Hype. He’s the character I really feel like I’ve done up *right*.


  1. What’s this about aurus for costumes? Where do I pick up this mission?
    Must be nice to have a regular partner. Sometimes Avocet gets lonely waiting for an available friend to show up.

  2. Avo,
    You can get the aura mission from the city representative standing in the middle of City Hall in Atlas park, once you hit level 30. It involves, basically, running 3 ‘hunt’ missions — pretty straightforward, if you know where to go for stuff — Crey’s folly can let you hit all three of the things you need.
    ((I *hate* the IC explanation for Auras, so I ignore it, but the auras themselves are kinda cool.))

  3. Still waiting on Pets’s in 1.1 pips so that I can go hunting the Level 32 baddies in Crey without getting my Maple Leaf handed to me.

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