Critical Mass

MMORPGS and the Dunbar number

This all leads me to hypothesize that the optimal size for active group members for creative and technical groups — as opposed to exclusively survival-oriented groups — hovers somewhere between 25-80, but is best around 45-50. Anything more than this and the group has to spend too much time “grooming” to keep group cohesion, rather then focusing on the thing the people want to spend effort on in the first place — say to deliver a software product, learn a technology, promote a meme, or have fun playing a game. Anything less than this and you risk losing critical mass because you don’t have requisite variety.

Emphasis mine. Emphasized because it sounds really
Very tired of the Alliance Leadership boards today.


  1. I wonder how long ago the Forge passed 80 active members…

  2. Vax.
    “Active” members. Truly active — I’d say the Forge is about at the top end of that.
    Amen, brother.

  3. You know, when all my CoH are leaders and I’m the only one who’s not, there’s all these exciting (and/or annoying) things I know nothing about. And sometimes, I’m very very curious. And sometimes, I thank the Powers That Be that no one ever asked me to be a leader. Whee!

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