4 replies on “Huh. What Devouring Earth “eminators” do…”

  1. Quartz – “Super Reflexes? What Super Reflexes?”
    Cairn – “Why won’t this damned thing die!”
    Fungi – “Uh.. Do trees not sleep after all?”
    Tree of Life – “We can handle them, they should be almost dead after that..”

  2. (Gremlins are preventing me from logging into the Blog of Heroes!, so please excuse me as I perform a hijack.)
    *** Dave asks: Good to know. What’s unclear is whether, if a DE is Deceived/Confused and they lay a goody, whether the benefit redounds to the heroes or not (a la Force Field Generators).
    Based on the casual field research performed by Malcalypse Labs, deceiving a generator does not appear to give any benefits to the players. It does, however, appear to shut down the useful benefits for the Devouring Earth.

  3. One Quartz crystal basically nullifies the entire SR pool simply by giving them such a sick to hit bonus that it doesn’t matter what your defense is, they are gonna hit ya.

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