Week in review

Let’s see what’s going on…

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
No roleplay this week. Logged him in for four and a half minutes to help Nikodemos kick the hell out of Nosferatu, then left.

(Level: 48 ((NEW!)))
Played Hype a little bit this week and dinged 48. Beat up some Arch-Villains and picked on Seventy-Six. Fun times. Still one of my favorite toons to play, and characters to roleplay.

(Level: 33)
No roleplay for him this week, except for general IC-ness during a run of the Katie Hannon task force.
Gameplay-wise: Still working GREAT — no faceplants during the TF, and he dished out some INSANE damage on the TF and got some xp, so that’s fun. There’s a very complicated fight at the start of the Task Force that we pulled of damn near perfectly, so that was fun.
Forgot to mention that someone made up the MA/Ninja Stalker “The Tactician” as one of Strategist’s “students gone BAD”. Much fun.

(level: 28, 29 ((NEW!)))
John’s had… a lot of stuff going on. Damn.
He’s very very ‘with’ Ren (Hekuba) now, and the whole Working Girl story took an AWESOME twist this last week that I absolutely LOVE.
He found out that Pearl was his wife in his old life, and they had themselves a talk about that that… well, it was great, but it also showed that they really weren’t happy in the old days.
The one thing really rubbing John wrong about that is that he can’t abide that Pearl thinks so poorly of him… not so much for where he is now, but for who is was then. That bugs him.
In other news:
* Raene (the real Raene) flipped out and ran to the Rogue Isles, and her Doppelganger is actually … well, staying good? It hasn’t developed all the way, yet, but I LIKE it. Very cool story.
Gameplay notes: Dinged to 28 AND 29 yesterday, picked up … whatever they call the “fireball” power at 28, so I can hit everyone near me and get everyone attacking him… dunno if I like the power itself too much, but it does the job I want it to do… might drop it later. I almost think that getting the low-level, high-speed, low-damage, low-end-cost ranged attack that I skipped at level 1 might be better, just so he always has something to throw, even when he’s tired out. It’s tempting, both because it’s fast and ranged — I’m always getting immobilized, and being able to reach the bad guys with SOMETHING is really useful.
Ran the Terra Volta Trial with him, and the Citadel Task Force with him, AND finished up the level 25-30 Kheldian story arc, AND finished the Striga Isle story arc (which means he can do the Hess Task Force now). Lots of play on him. Good stuff.

(level: 19)
Nada. Good build. Fun character. Never play her.

(Level: 21)
Haven’t played him this week. Damn. Shame.

(Level: 16 ((New)))
Lukacs discovered where Sam Wincott’s being held in the Hollows, did a lot of reseach on it, and assembled a crack team of Storm Knights to rescue him before the Circle of Thorns opens the portal within the Cavern of Pain Transcendance.
Utterly destroyed that Trial. 23 minutes from start to finish. Owned.
Gameplay notes:
Very happy to have made the sacrifices I did with Pummelcite’s build. He has no movement powers, but he could tank the damage for an eight person team, and handle the incoming smash/lethal and fire damage to the extent that he needed to. I’m pleased.

Shade Dancer
(Level: 14)
No recent gameplay or roleplay.

(Level: 13)
Didn’t play him this week.

Markov Chain Countersign
(Level 13 (New))
Redid Counter’s face a bit and I’m MUCH happier with how he looks. Finally got through the Beautiful Dead mission, so he’s moving along (At a snail’s pace, but moving), and trying to catch up with some special people. 🙂

Thadeus Shiver (Ice/Ice Dominator)
(Level 6 (New))
Wind and Cold slow
Snow and Ice know
Sun and Moon shine
Not all elves make

I love this character concept.
Still having trouble finding an Archetype I like playing him with. I actually liked him better as an Ice/Storm Controller Hero, but look at that poem — he’s a BAD GUY.
So… ice/ice dominator… but damn. Dominators are SQUISHY. SO SQUISHY.
Need some minions. I need some people to hide behind.
(( 🙂 ))
I need to hang with that Necromancy mastermind he rolled with this weekend. Really. Fun. Time.
((Yeah, died alot, but NO DEBT TIL LEVEL 10! Woo!))

On deck…
I want to make a Corruptor…


  1. I think that Necromancy mastermind would be more than happy to run with him a whole lot more. A whole lot more. She’ll never show it, but you certainly amused the hell out of her player!

  2. Heh.
    Favorite quote: “Your new minion seems to be holding together better than the last; I assume this speaks to your improving magicks, or your digging skills.”
    Yeah. We likes us our Thadeus. 🙂

  3. And yeah… looking at all of the kick ass corruptors I roll with has made me kinda want to check em out.

  4. Puck ? Grav/ff cont ? 43) Lots of game play, sadly none of it for any XP.
    Zazi ? (Katana/SR scrp ? 36) Still slogging through old 30-35 story arc?s.
    Ciunas – (Dark/Dark scrp ? 22) Ran her though several missions.
    Zot ? (Claw/Ninja ? 22) Lot?s of game play, some RP. Ran the TF with her and it was a lot of fun, even with Infernal?s Dark AoE damage aura. Lesson learned?pick up purples before going it to battle with him so your Hide doesn?t drop before you are able to attack.
    Got called in at the last moment by some folks going after Silver Mantis?.Scary. The team was very stupid and did not know how to deal with her. I can?t wait to run it with the ?Professionals? of the CoI. Lots of XP up until the end when Zot died?.and the team bailed.
    Gasta ? (Dark/Therm Corr ? 14) Still waiting for the promised ?High? damage that the AT write-up touts. Since they are Healers, that is what everyone demands from you. It is odd that this is the only AT in which the Secondary and the Primary are reversed.
    19 ? (Merc/Traps MM ? 14) I love this combo?.I really, really do. One thing that I have noticed though is that MM?s get very few drops?tons of XP, but no drops. He is the poorest of my Alts since he has to keep buying replacements for all his red Enhancements every level.
    Looks like I will make Bane of Asgard, most likely as a Brute.
    And I want a Dominator, so I am going to have to check out what types of Power sets I like.

  5. Create Major Marena, an Ice/Kin Corruptor last night, to go with Margie’s Brimstone Unleashed Fire/Fire Brute.
    We basically jogged through everything. Massive damage, love the Kinetics, too much freaking fun.
    Not that we need more alts, mind you …

  6. Ok, that Mastermind? She took lots and lots of damage without her fleshy meat shield of a Dominator. We so need to get those kids together again. Also, because when you have two zombies at level 6, they’re both a level below youi, so setting a mission to Invincible means they’re trying to hit baddies 4 (?) levels above them. Not cool. Poor dead zombies.

  7. Rolled up Bane of Asgard last night as a Dark/fire Tank. With the PoSwords input. Went with the Rantom bit o’ Armor option instead of the Korean pants option…because, damn they do look silly.
    Rolled up Venenata last night too. A Plant/Plant Dom. About as squishy as Stalkers and Corruptors so no great shock there. Still waiting for the little Domination bar to fill up. Name wise, I was going to go with Tribulus Terrestris, or the Goathead weed. But, while looking up the Goathead on Wikipedia there was a blurb about Goatheads being used to kill people in Africa…using the poison from the Acokanthera Venenata plant. A much better name. 🙂

  8. I finally tossed my dominator out. I played one through the beta, a Fire/Fire which was great fun. But I just didn’t manage to have fun with one in the live. So, I tossed it to make another hero for the time being.
    But yeah, Corrupters can be much fun. Just finding a balance between their primarys and secondarys is hard.
    Atom Smasher is pretty well slotted in his attacks, but he only has a couple secondary powers ( Radiant Aura, AM, RI ) below 20 so had slots for his attacks.
    Incendrix at 15 has 3 secondary powers, and will pick up 3 more before 20 so has almost nothing in his attacks ( only Fireball has more then the default slot ) and really can’t solo at this point.

  9. Ok…
    The Sathareil and Venenata Combo rocked.
    A few deaths to start with, but smooth sailing from there on out.
    And we both dinged twice over a few few hours time.

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