Face to face gaming? People do that?

Potentially running two face to face games this coming week while Aaron and Kate are at the Casa:

Ancient China. Wire-fu. Old, jealous gods. Young, jealous nobles: Xian Quan

And this other bit of wackiness:

The holiday season means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some it’s the pristine beauty of a snow-crusted country evening, warmed by a comfortable helping of mulled wine. For others, it’s the rat-race of an adrenaline-charged City Christmas, with eager shoppers in search of unique playthings to give to each other. To many, it means placing familiar objects lovingly on a tree, and gathering with family to forget the worries of an ailing world for a few days.
Christmas is not — traditionally — a time of high adventure and danger.
But there was a Christmas (not too long ago) when something extraordinary happened. When a handful of people came face to face with what they knew was the true magic of Christmas.
So they killed it.
This is their tale.

Just the thing for a post-holiday slump, no?
The nice thing is: all the participants are geeks, so if the game stories don’t wrap up nice and neat, we can play in a group chat or something until it wraps up.
Or something… random thought, that. Anyway.
*goes off to write Bangs.