Week in Review

It’s amazing: even on a week when I go to South Dakota and don’t actually play CoH, stuff happens to my characters:

Hang Time
(Level: 50)
Jason filed for an annulment, checking ‘failure of consent’ on the form.

(Level: 48)
Asher’s zadeh (Grandfather, but also his parent/mentor) died a few weeks back, which is why Hype’s been off the front lines for a few weeks. His telepathic link with Syn has been severed, possibly as a result of the emotional shut-down he’s going through.

(Level: 33)
*Doyce grins. Just… grins.*
Let’s say I have something planned for ol’ Stratocaster.

(level: 32)
John and Ren went … umm… well, here:

Thank you for booking your vacation package. You will enjoy eight nights at the Coco Kreole, a delightfully charming intimate boutique hotel set in the heart of the action and fun of Rodney Bay Village, and just steps away from St Lucia’s best beach and watersports activities. Your flight details are included below. We issue E-tickets and they are non-refundable. Thank you for booking with us; we hope you enjoy your visit to St. Lucia.
Departing Flight Saturday, Dec 24, 2005
Providence, RI (PVD) to St Lucia, St Lucia (UVF)
connects in Charlotte, NC
US Airways
Flight 1141 7hr 26mn Departs: 6:30am
Arrives: 2:56pm 1 Stop
Returning Flight Sunday, Jan 1, 2006
St Lucia, St Lucia (UVF) to Providence, RI (PVD)
connects in Charlotte, NC
US Airways
Flight 242 8hr 31mn Departs: 3:50pm
Arrives: 11:21pm 1 Stop

In short, they had a very cool Christmas Vacation.

Markov Chain
(Level 18: ((New)))
There’s a great parallel thing going on with Markov — he’s working with two different (Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu) stalkers, both very attractive to him, both…
well, you get the point.
But very different people. VERY different. One seems to be trying to find the gem in the rough, and the other… heh…
well, the other isn’t. 🙂
He’s been a lot of fun to play, and I’m really looking forward to more time with him.

Some kind of Mind/* controller for FOUND house — a reformed member of the Lost, modeled off the look of the guys who wear the football helmets and the STOP signs on their chest. Still no idea what secondary to pick, though. I actually might go with trick-arrow — I like the sort of neo-luddite, “I don’t trust any tech, after what the Rikti did to us”, feel.
Dunno. Need to delete a champion character before I can make this guy up anyway.


  1. Puck ? Grav/ff cont ? 44) Lots of Game play and RP?and still lots of missions for no XP.
    Zazi ? (Katana/SR scrp ? 36) Some game play. Mostly my I-am-angry-hack-things Toon. Still clearing out old Story Arcs.
    Ciunas – (Dark/Dark scrp ? 22) No Game Play.
    Dubh ? (Dark/Dark defender ? 21 (New)) Took him out for a spin this weekend with the ever entertaining Lady P. A good time was had by all.
    Zot ? (Claw/Ninja ? 28 (new)) Lots of Game play and RP. Stalkers are so much fun.
    Gasta ? (Dark/Therm Corr ? 19 (new)) Lots of game play and some RP. He is very good on a team and does not have the frustration of Dark/Dark.
    19 ? (Merc/Traps MM ? 17) No Game play.
    Bane of Asgard ? (Dark/Fire Brute ? 7) No play with him this week.
    Venenata ? (Plant/thorn Dom ? 12 (new)) Seeds of Confusion continue to be her saving grace?bonus is that I get XP for the things that the confused people kill. This is a major bonus over CoH side mind controllers. *Waves at Psi-Clone*

  2. No RP for any of my characters yet.
    Got Lil Tessa up to 18th though.
    Played the rest of the toons here and there.
    I made my bug, so I’m happy.

  3. I haven’t been on in days except for when Sword of Asgard poked me that a character I had was about to hit 30 days and time out.

  4. Yes…
    We have noticed your absence and are not amused. ;P
    The utter peacefulness of the CoI is so refreashing…..and odd since they are the bad guys. ;P

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