Random Updates

Blowing the dust (just dust, not Dust) off of the Game Calendar, since we’ve got stuff going on a bit more regularly in the near future.
Things to do:
Figure out a time to get together on character generation for the Sorcerer game. (Clicking Sands: Blood Simple)
Figure out a time (weekly or bi, mid-week-ish) to do Xian Quan via chat or IRC. I need to install AIM and look at the dice bot… and test out the ability to run multiple group-chat… things. What I want is one OOC ‘room’ for rolls and kibbitzing and one or two IC ‘rooms’ to have scenes running, concurrently… I know IRC can do it — dunno if AIM can… I’d rather run GTalk for it, but I don’t think it handles groups at all… or has a dicebot.
Note: need to take a look at WebRPG too. ūüėõ

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