Week in review

Right. Gaming.
Haven’t had any of that.
No FtF gaming, but Firefly (using Heroquest) is this Friday evening, and Spring Fountain is on Saturday evening, so that’s good.
I got the Ectoplasmic Badge with Epitaph… then ran the first Respec Trial with him. Decent XP. Already had that respec done, though, so just got an SO out of the deal. Fun time, though — did it with Lee (War Bones) and … well, stuff is just easier when you’re on a solid team up isn’t it?
Played Bear last Monday. Probably will tonight, if my right side stops twitching.
Is that it?
Oh, worked on the Soopersekrit Lowbie Of Doom (SLOD). Actually got into a good PUG with them — by virtue of forming it and running it myself. Was actually a lot of fun. This if for that thing that likely won’t even happen.
The annoying thing? I actually like playing the toon quite a bit — I like the powersets and play and even the look. It just isn’t likely to matter — eh. Maybe he can be my version of Margie Blue Point.


  1. Blue Point just hit 36. So there is something to be said for a having a toon that isn’t hooked in.

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