“I prefer the term “gentleman adventurer.”

So I’ve been messing around with some Silver Age and Golden Age stylings…
Hype was… well, ugly, but yeah, he pretty much looks like a fire-guy from the 70’s.
Hang time is easy: go to the cape costume, flip on a few judicious SG colors, and drop the shades — I’m good.
Then I went to Bear Claws. I don’t know if I really got his swash buckled on straight, but I tell yah… I really like the final look, even if it’s not full-on vintage:
But… you see…
Folks, I did Strat up.
Dude looks like he should be swinging from a chandelier, or engaging in fisticuffs with a massive Nubian from the Dark Continent.

Give it up: mah boy looks GOOD ūüėČ


  1. Later, I got Bear a cape, and it looks a little better… well, cheesier, but the right kind of cheese.
    Drop him into the HH SG colors? OH BABY! ūüôā

  2. Put up the pic of Shrouded Spectre and Lady Freedom in their Silver Age-ey get up. Linky

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