Task Force: Munchie

There’s been talk and planning for doing the Synapse Task Force this Munchie Monday the 24th. I’d very much like to do this, and in order to pull it off I’d conjure that we need to get started early.
So: let’s get started early. I’m suggesting that folks try to get logged on by no later than 7:30 eastern, and preferably even a bit earlier, so we can get started and move through as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.
Also, who’s interested?


  1. Pass. Too early for me. Probably I won’t even have made dinner by that point. Also, Pie is already 21 and I don’t like that TF nearly well enough to do it without xp.
    Kick some clock-y ass, though!

  2. I’ll make it. I requested Monday as my day off from both jobs specifically to ensure Monday Munchiness.
    I can bring Fig Neutron, my lvl 14 Defender to help Peep with the healing, or Brownie Points, my lvl 16 Scrapper if we Peep’s got it covered and we need more offense. Preferences?

  3. Avo, you need to level Fig up some if you want to bring her on Synapse. I’m thinking 15 is the minimum.

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