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Week in review

Let’s see: since last CoH post, I’ve made up a LOT of new guys — sort of playing around to see what I like.

Bear Claws (level… 19 new) got a new toy added onto his claw-gloves from the dudes in the lab that he temps at as a test subject; this new thing like… shoots a claw blade at a guy from, like, range. So cool. (And it is. I friggin’ love the “Focus” claws power — ranged, fast, with a damn near 100% chance of knockdown for a lovely bit of soft control. Awesome.)
Also, finally wrote up the Hostess Heroes Origin Story, and posted a pix of Cheesy Poof.

Gavin McIntyre (level 11) is working with his ‘cousins’ on Victory-server.

… Prince Aeric (level 8 Ice/Storm controller) is also working over on Victory Shard. I really really like this powerset. Alot. Alotalot. Much.

Kilcannon (level 5 Mind/Trick Arrows Controller) is a reformed Lost, defending the city through his hero registration with FOUND House.

Dolmen (level 7 and climbing, baby — Stone/Dark brute) has a sort of tribal magic feel. I’ve got this idea that he’s from some kind of tropical island with a lot of native magical power — sort of an Easter Island with dark gods — he was the young, talented “priest”. Recluse wants him working for “The Destiny” that he envisions, and is basically holding Dolmen’s homeland hostage.
But he’s not a noble hero; it’s not like the guy really cares — he just wants to do what Recluse wants so he can go home — these people aren’t HIS people, so it doesn’t matter what he does to them — he basically treats it like a war with an opposing tribe, where the opposing tribe is “Everyone.”
I like him. A lot. Also, Stone Brutes hit HAAAAARD.

Zero at the Bone (level 4 Ice/Energy Tank) was a PCPD officer who was horribly maimed during the Rikti invasion. Through excruciating and extensive cybernetic reconstruction (thanks to a city-funded effort from Crey), he came back better.
The name? Well, he’s not a dumb jock. 🙂

And that’s it.

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“Snake”, by Emily Dickenson
Several of nature’s people
I know, and they know me;
I feel for them a transport
Of cordiality;
But never met this fellow,
Attended or alone,
Without a tighter breathing,
And zero at the bone.
I just… LOVE that phrase.

Is it scary to anyone that I can ‘see’ Bear and Ring sitting in Bear’s mom’s basement tokin up and watching tv and having that conversation?

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