Sort of a vague character recap

Started up a long list of where all my toons are and what I’d like to do with them, but it wasn’t holding MY interest, so I doubt it would tickle anyone else.
Here’s the short version:

Hang Time: I like the lil’ story of recovering himself that he’s got going on. I’d like to run some TF’s with him, but aside from that, the likelihood of ever getting into Blaster Mode long enough to clear out his OWN arcs is vanishingly small.
Hype: I’d like to do the Hydra Trial with him until I figure out how. I’d like to do Katie Hannon for the sake of completeness. I’m very interested in the expansions to level 50 content in Issue 8. That’s all.
Epitaph and Strategist: Mid-30 blahs. No regular play partners. Would like to run Numina with both of them. Need level 35 for both of them to do that — perpetually 7 bars away on both of them.
Pummelcite: Might likely see level 35 before either Strat or Ep. Love playing him, and really just need someone to team with for the social aspect. Just his 30 and can go back to Croatoa to wrap up that arc. I love RPing this guy, but it’s just not how things shake out for him, normally.
Kethos: My highest level villain (at level 26), Keth’s been seeing a lot more gameplay lately, and I’ve gotten comfortable with playing him on the highest difficulty, solo. I’d like to get him in a decent light-RP Supergroup over on Virtue, but… eh. At least I know a couple folks over there to run missions with.
Markov: He’s not as easy to play as Kethos, and I can in no way run him at the same difficulty, though they’re close to the same level, but he’s still fun. Fact is, I like melee guys alot, and I’ve never played a defendery-person, so Markov is a gameplay and tactical challenge that I’m still figuring out.
Dolmen: I’d like to play this guy a lot more than I get to right now. I like I could end up liking him more than Kethos, maybe. I’ll never TRULY love Shadow Maul, and I adore the Stone Melee set.
Zero at the Bone: This guy could be a really really good tank. I don’t NEED another tank, but by gosh, I’ve got one, and I like him.


  1. Is the Sewer Trial on there? That’s the one Avo’s missing, and I’d really like to get the badge for it. Of course, my availability is pretty poor. Would anybody be up for doing it on a Tuesday evening (or over a couple of Tuesdays)?

  2. It’s really only one timed mission, so it’s easy to *attempt* in one evening.
    It’s the winning it that sucks.

  3. And yeah…. Hydra Trial and Sewer Trial are the same thing.
    Tough as hell, now that they fixed the hold-patch.

  4. Aha! I replied to the wrong post!
    Well, if we can get a team together on a Tuesday evening, I’m game for the Sewer/Hydra thingie.

  5. Tuesdays are tricky for me… but…I am interested in beating this one.
    I could start at 10:15ish that evening if a team
    were ready.

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