1. Kate and I bend to the will of the group: either evening will work, but the afternoon on Sunday is right out.

  2. Either works for Margie and me, but deciding sooner vs. later is best.
    If I have to break a tie vote, I vote for, um, Saturday night.
    (Actually, afternoon works better than evening for us.)

  3. That works — someone have Lorne’s new email address to ask him to check in on this?

  4. I am able to be there Saturday afternoon, and I shall inform our Tanker that it is looking like Saturday afternoon.
    Has a “start time” been decided yet?

  5. Actually, given druthers, I’d prefer 1p MDT (and that fits better for “afternoon” for the East Coasters). But we can do either.

  6. Sooo….unless I get called in to work…I’ll just log on around 2 eastern, and see when everyone else gets there.
    *wonders off to leave a message for the tanker, about when to be on and ‘ready’*

  7. I did, and will again, also. And since I was asked before the fighting began, if I have to work on Monday…the answer is I am NOT working that day.

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